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When a patient is deciding if plastic surgery is right for them, one of the biggest factors they must consider is the plastic surgeon they will choose to perform their plastic surgery. There are many plastic surgeons all over the country, and after awhile, they can all look the same.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is a very important step in the plastic surgery process, and it can be made difficult when there are numerous possible plastic surgeons. One of the key aspects of a quality plastic surgeon is their ability to perform many different forms of plastic surgery, not just one.

“I am committed to staying abreast of all the latest advancements in plastic surgery techniques and plastic surgery technologies, " says Dr. Joseph Bauer at the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia.

By choosing a plastic surgeon who has knowledge and experience performing diverse plastic surgery procedures, like Dr. Bauer, a patient can be assured that their plastic surgeon will be able to perform the plastic surgery desired, with great results.

“Both Dr. Bauer and I perform many different plastic surgeries, like breast enlargements, face lifts, liposuction, and tummy tucks, " says Dr. Dean Fardo in Atlanta, Georgia. “We are also experienced with numerous different incisions and forms of all our plastic surgery procedures, so all of our patient’s expectations are met. "

There are many different forms of plastic surgery. A patient deciding what plastic surgery is right for them will need to know about the different incisions and forms of plastic surgery that can be performed to provide them with the results they want.

Many plastic surgeons specialize in only the most basic forms of plastic surgery, like liposuction or breast enlargements. However, some breast surgeons, like Dr. Bauer and Dr. Fardo, are able to perform plastic surgeries for nearly any part of the body a patient is unsatisfied with.

To find out if a plastic surgeon is able to perform diverse procedures, schedule an initial consultation. An initial plastic surgery consultation does not mean that the patient is committing to the plastic surgery. It is a way for the patient to meet the doctor and ask questions about the procedure they are interested in.

During the initial plastic surgery consultation, the patient should request to see before and after photos of similar procedures the plastic surgeon has performed. This is a way to evaluate the plastic surgeon’s ability to perform the procedure with quality results.

Deciding to have plastic surgery is a personal decision, and the plastic surgeon chosen should be able to provide the desired plastic surgery and the expected results. One of the best ways to ensure a quality plastic surgery is by choosing a breast surgeon who does not just perform one type of plastic surgery, but one that can perform the plastic surgery wanted.

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