Is An Anti-Aging Device Right For You?


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For many people, looking and feeling young, fit and healthy as long as possible is an important goal. Because their desire to stop or even reverse the aging process is so strong, the market for anti-aging devices has become very large. Competing for your money are many different products that claim to do everything from taking years off your face to allowing you to live forever. Here's a look at three popular types of these devices you may come across in your research.

1. Low Level Laser Therapy Devices

Also known as cold lasers, low level laser therapy (LLLT) devices have been around for nearly forty years. In the USA, the food and drug administration classifies these devices to be experimental. They have used in some studies on pain relief and other conditions. Because they may also be able to help with inflammation and healing, they are often sold with claims that they can remove wrinkles and make you look younger. Most of this is based on testimonials and not actual scientific studies though.

If you decide to consider LLLT, be warned that many unscrupulous vendors sell devices that aren't really lasers at all, but just a cheap red LED light. Also beware of any sales pitch that claims that these devices can cure a specific condition or disease, as the FDA does not approve any such claim if it is not backed by the proper scientific studies.

2. Electric Current Muscle Stimulators

In your search for an anti-aging device, you will also come across products that zap your skin with small amounts of electricity which cause the nearby muscles to repeatedly flex and relax. The products, often designed to be used on facial muscles, claim that this “effortless exercise" enhances circulation. This in turn is supposed to bring more oxygen to these places and improve your skin, complexion and muscle tone. The end result, you are supposed to end up with fewer wrinkles and age lines and look younger.

Recently though, the FDA has notified the manufacturers of some of these devices that they are illegally marketing and selling medical devices that haven't been approved by the government yet. Another problem is that these devices do not come with the proper warnings about when and how not to use them. Used in the wrong way, on the wrong part of the body or by people with certain conditions, these devices could potentially be very harmful.

3. Magnets

Other types of device sold with anti-aging claims are ones that contain magnets. Often worn as finger or toe rings, or even as shoe inserts, these devices claim to produce magnetic waves that help cell tissues counteract the negative effects of aging in the body. Supposedly they increase blood circulation, relax the nervous system and encourage better digestion - the end result being more healthy years for you.

Magnet devices can usually only legally be sold with claims of promoting overall health and well-being though. Be wary of any magnetic device sold with anti-aging claims or any other claims of being able to treat or cure specific conditions.

Instead of turning to devices like those above, many people prefer to encourage continued health and longevity through proper exercise and diet. This may include taking natural dietary supplements such as proxenol . You can learn more about this and other nutritional products at right now.


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