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Sometimes it is inevitable to have moments when you think you cannot resist anymore. The temptation of eating is very big and you feel weaker by the moment. Do not dispare and most of all, don’ t take the easy way out. Here are some things that will definitely help.

Find yourself a hobby or activity that might take up a lot of your spare time, but choose it weisely. Pick going to the library. You can read a lot there about many great things, you can learn a lot. And the best part is, there is no food allowed, so you have no choice but to accept the rule. Smart, right?!

Find yourself in front of something your heart is craving for? Close your eyes, hold your breath, count to 150. This way you may loose the desire to eat. If this does not work, try smelling coffee, or even better, buy some toothpaste. Rub it on your tounge and your taste buds will numb.

If you really need to eat and you just cannot resist anymore, don’ t sollow the food. Chew it and then spit in into the bin.

Another thing to do, and this is a very important one, is to throw away your food. If you think you can handle being in the kitchen, the only allowed thing to do there is to throw food. But before doing that, make sure to poor some detergent on it, or something dangerous. This is a measure of protection in case you feel like taking the food out of the trask and eat it.

How often did you pass near a fast food or a bakery and the smell would just lure you in? I have a solution for this too. Take a handkerchief or a tissue and put some par fume on it. Then every time you smell food, just put the tissue near your nose and smell the par fume. Scents are known to have a very strong impact on appetite.

Think this is it? You’ re mistaking? There are more witty tricks where these came from. Like, start cleaning something very dirty if you feel like eating. Choose a very nasty spot and start cleaning with the best sense of responsibility that you have. The effort plus the smell of the substance you are using may make you loose apetite for a long time.

Not enough? Start writing! Poetry, drama, lyrics for songs. But remember all about anorexia, about skinny people, and bones, things like this. you are better at this, you’ re an anorexic, therefor creative.

Finally, there is one more important thing i would like to tell you. whatever you do, deny you’ re an anorexic and try to make yourself look as healthy as possible.

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