Medicines Which Have a High Risk in Causing Lupus


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As we all know, the body system produces certain cells called antibodies which have the role to fight against bacteria and viruses. In a person who suffer from Systemic lupus erythematosus, the body creates cells which fight against its own tissues. In addition to this, the autoantibodies attack certain parts of the body producing symptoms like inflammation and pain. Moreover, a great number of this destructive cells can damage the whole body systems affecting areas, such as the skin, muscles and joints, kidneys, lungs, brain, heart and digestive system.

What is more is that certain medicines can cause drug-induced lupus with the same symptoms. So, two of the medicines which produce lupus are procainamide which is usually used in treating arrhythmias and also hydralazine, used in treating high blood pressure.

Moreover, other medicines which may produce drug-induced lupus are chlorpromazine (tranquilizer), quinidine (used in to treat arrhythmias), methyldopa and isoniazid.

It is important to mention that the symptoms of lupus may appear only if a person increase the number of medicines which have a high risk in producing lupus or tend to take them for long periods of time.

Even though is not totally confirmed, other medicines which are used for certain affections may cause lupus. Some of these medicines include: an antibiotic known as phenazine; penicillamine used to treat rheumatic diseases; cimetidine known as treating excess stomach acid and not in the last place a drug called captopril also used to treat high blood pressure.

Taking all these into consideration, people should be aware of the damages that certain medicines which are taken for long periods of time and in big quanities may cause. Moreover if we notice unusual symptoms which may indicate the presence of lupus in our body system we should ask for medical help and follow an appropriate treatment in order to reduce and alleviate the condition.

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