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Well, I will not start my article by telling you about the hazardous effects of smoking on health as they are known even to a 10 year old plus am pretty sure that you don’t care a damn about smoking ill-effects. So let me begin by asking you a question. Do you like being in nature and greenery? Does it give you a very fresh feeling? Have you ever thought why do we feel the need to visit hill stations or open farms after every few months? Because smoke- free fresh air and green surroundings not only pep our spirits but also rejuvenate our body with plenty of energy.

Smoking in any form active or passive steel away that freshness from our lives. Listed below are some effective ways of how you can stay smoke-free. Get these tips in your routine and see the effects.

  • Try and spend as much free time you get in smoking prohibited places like, libraries, museums, theaters.
  • Stay away from beverages like coffee, alcohol and others which you associate with smoking.
  • Consume plenty of water and fresh fruit juices as it will help removing the toxins out of your body.
  • Keep your mouth busy with chewing gums or cinnamon stick if you feel a strong desire of cigarette in your mouth.
  • Strike up a conversation instead of a cigarette when you urge for smoking.
  • Replace & play with something like pencil, marble, paperclip if you miss having cigarette in your hand.
  • Trick yourself with deep rhythmic breaths similar to smoking to calm down.
  • Stay away from situations that make you recall pleasure of cigarette smoking.
  • Get busy with new & creative habits to create a non-smoking environment around you.
  • Predict the possible situations or crises that might make you desire for smoking. Be determined after your strong reasons for not to give in.
  • Keep yourself motivated with your goal & fact the urge will vanish ultimately.
  • Stick to positive thoughts and avoid negative ones.
  • Go for several small meals instead of three regular meals. It will keep your blood sugar levels constant and helps avert the strong desire to smoke. Steer clear of sugary or spicy foods that trigger a craving for cigarettes.
  • Reward yourself for your achievements to date.
  • Do involve yourself with exercises.
What to do when your desire for a cigarette gets irresistible?
  • Always keep oral substitutes like gums, pickles, apples, celery, with you.
  • Go for shower or bath if possible.
  • Take 10 deep breaths, hold on the last one & light a matchstick. Breathe out slowly and blow out the match. Act as if it is a cigarette and put it out in an ashtray.
  • Learn to relax when you encounter a stressful situation. Let loosen yourself and imagine a pleasing situation. Visualize beautiful and peaceful images and places until you feel better.
  • Light up incense or a candle, instead of a cigarette.
  • Be a self-motivator by making yourself realize your strengths. Speak loudly, “NO”.
Try these tricks and see the magic!

The author, Monalisa Hyden, addresses issues related to nicotine addiction, quit smoking and the anti-smoking medicine Chantix. For more information and advice in these topics visit the website


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