Rev Up Your Metabolism by Using Good Portion Sizes


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If you're eating regular meals throughout the day, it's easy to forget to regulate your portion sizes. You should examine whether or not you really need to eat the amount of food you are accustomed to or if you are eating it out of habit. The standard serving you receive at a restaurant in America is about 1.5 times more than what most average sized people should eat in one meal.

Since you’re eating regular meals & snacks, you’ll be able to decrease portion sizes. It might be difficult at first, especially if you're used to eating a large meal at the end of the day. But once you get in the habit, you'll be suprised. You'll find your appetite can be satisfied with much less than you may be used to having.

You should eat an amount of food that leaves you feeling satisfied but not full. A typical portion size of carbohydrate or protein is about the diameter of your closed fist. In general, animal protein sources have enough fat in them to regulate your blood sugar. A portion of fat is about the size of one tablespoon. Watch out for over doing it on the fat (even healthy fats).

To guard against eating too many or too few calories, plan portion sizes for meals and snacks ahead of time. Be sure to monitor your energy levels throughout the day as you shift to frequent meals and smaller portion sizes, this will help you determine just exactly how much you really need. If you have cravings, just eat a small amount or drink some water. Craving more food is often psychological and isn't a good indication of how much food your body really needs.

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Foods That Boost Metabolism- Raise Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast
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