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To conquer a bad habit, experts say you need to do two things. First you need to learn all you can about the bad habit in order to overcome it and make it lose its control over you. Then you need to replace it with a new habit, step-by-step, until the new habit takes over and becomes a part of your daily life.

Regarding smoking as a bad habit, all to often what happens is that smokers skip steps and simply try to replace one bad habit for an almost equally bad-type of habit. Some try methods that supposedly stop people from smoking like by chewing gum designed to help stop smoking; for example, or taking pills for the same purpose, or wearing a patch or other tools, also to help stop smoking. However, education about the habit of smoking is skipped, often resulting in failure.

Nicotine Addiction

People are addicted to nicotine only about 20% — the rest of the addiction is purely psychological. So the chemical affect of the drug is a lot lower than what you might think. Actually, each cigarette that you smoke gives you satisfaction through words and thoughts, getting you hooked to smoking. If you want to become a non-smoker, there is a simple way out. Learn to think like a non-smoker. It’s all there in the mind. Pills and quit smoking programs will make no difference until you make yourself realize that you must stick to your decision to be a non-smoker.

To quit smoking for life, you must first understand that nicotine addiction is a parasite that is slowly ending your life by eating into your mind and body. Imagine how free you will feel, getting up every morning and realizing that your day does not have to start with a cigarette and that you have finally become a non-smoker.

Smoking 101

Enough television shows and commercials, magazine articles and ads, and other media and online information certainly make it known to everyone worldwide that smoking isn’t good for you. However, smoking is difficult to quit because in a nutshell, it is an addiction. And addictions are hard to break.

Over time what needs to happen for long term effectiveness is that a smoker needs to actually slow down when reaching for a cigarette and lighting up. He or she needs to then ask himself or herself why smoking is necessary at that point in time, and consciously note the affects it has on his or her ‘self, ’ ‘family’ and others around. Smoking destroys the body. Period. It destroys life of the smoker and anyone breathing in the harmful smoke.

Then have a positive attitude and snuff out the cigarette. And each time thereafter, stop, face reality, and quit. Journal your way to success, noticing any triggers and how to overcome each one, too. And gain success to your new habit of journaling over smoking!

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