DTC Prescription Medication Ads are Ridiculous


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All it takes is one bad day, one sleepless night, or one intimate situation gone bad, and you have a problem. The truth is, medication like, Viagra, Zoloft or Prozac, and Lunesta are all innovative helpful medications to people actually suffering chronic, reoccurring problems. The problem is direct to consumer prescription medication ads have people going to their doctors in search of a medication, not a solution to their problem (which they might to even have).

One of the major problems is the free one week or one month samples. Clayton Norlen of the Daly Utah Chronicle says it best.

“Late one sleepless night, you saw Lunesta's ad and its offer for a free week trial. Being the informed and inquisitive consumer that you are, you researched Lunesta's Web site and tried the seven-day free sample. Wow, you did get eight hours of comatose sleep, and it was great. But then your sample ended and you went in to the doctor hoping to get the prescription the commercial told you to get. ”

“If addicts went in asking doctors for what they knew would make their day a little easier, they'd be labeled addicts. But because the TV and not some hipster on the street turned you on to this wonder drug, it's socially acceptable. ”

So where do we draw the line? Do you think more strict regulations should be placed on direct-to-consumer prescription medication ads, or should they be done away with all together? In my opinion, patients should seek a professional who has years of medical council under their bet, than to let a company who’s profits drive their motives.

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Panic Attack Medication - 7 Reasons Why I Dislike Medication
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