Prostate Cancer? Consider Tomatoes & Broccoli


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If you have adopted a “watchful waiting" approach to your slow-growing prostate cancer, talk to you doctor about a new study from the University of Illinois. Released in January 2007 and published in the journal Cancer Research, this study suggests that combining broccoli with tomato products serves up a powerful one-two punch to slow growing prostate cancers.

During the course of the study, researchers fed a diet containing 10% powered broccoli and 10% powered tomato to a group of rats that had previously been implanted with prostate cancer cells. After only 22 weeks, the rats who were fed this vegetable-rich diet showed dramatic reductions in the size of their tumors. Rats fed tomato powder but no broccoli powder showed slight improvements in their tumors but the results weren't even close to the effect seen with the combined diet.

Can a diet rich in broccoli and tomatoes help humans? Researchers are hopeful. Dr. John Erdman, one of the study's co-authors, tells us, “When tomatoes and broccoli are eaten togther we see an additive effect. " Dr. Erdman goes on to explain that the synergistic effect is likely the result of different bioactive compounds working together.

The only downside to this approach is the volume of broccoli and tomato products that needs to be consumed on a daily basis. The authors of the study recommend that men interested in trying this approach consume 1.5 cups of raw broccoli and 2.5 cups of raw tomatoes every day. In lieu of fresh tomatoes, researchers suggest substituting 1/2 cup of tomato paste.

Can dramatically increasing your consumption of fresh broccoli and tomatoes help you? Only your doctor is qualified to give you advice about your slow-growing prostate tumor but researchers are very optimistic about this new discovery.

Lisa Barger is a traditional naturopath specializing in natural health education. To learn more about Ms. Barger's belief in "Empowerment through Education" or to take a free online natural health class see her website,


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