How Pheromone Colognes Work To Get You Noticed

Joqtan Anicama

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All the old jokes about being able to “bottle" sex appeal turn out to have a basis in reality. Recently scientists discovered how to isolate and concentrate the chemical-hormonal substances - called pheromones - that create *** attraction in humans. It's now possible to wear pheromones and put out their invisible sexy signals at will.

The effect of pheromones has been very well studied. They cause an instinctual, almost automatic *** response, which scientists call a “releaser" effect. Each person has a unique “odor print" that's just as individual as fingerprints, created by compounds released from the sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other glands. Among the chemicals and compounds released are pheromones, which drift into our companion's nasal passage and stimulate specialized receptors. Scientists are still studying the receptors to determine whether the “vomeronasal organ" is devoted to exclusively to sensing pheromones, or whether pheromone receptors are part of a more complex system along with olfactory receptors in the nasal passage.

The two compounds that are most widely recognized as pheromones are androstadienone (AND) and estratetraenol (EST). AND is a derivative of testosterone and EST is a relative of estrogen. Scientists have shown that the chemicals change brain patterns as detected by EEGs, functional MRIs, and PET scans, and induce mood changes. That evidence is consistent with what pheromones would do.

Synthesized versions of these compounds can be even more potent and effective than one's natural “odor print" mainly because Americans do so much to obliterate any trace of natural odor and sweat. In today's society, our showering, deodorizing, cologne-applying and almost sterile approach to cleanliness keep our natural pheromones from doing their job.

That's why the idea of concentrated pheromones makes so much sense. The trick is finding a good source of genuine pheromones, not just diluted or even fake preparations making claims. There are a few good products out there that actually are what they say and have an excellent reputation for creating more arousal, more interest, more attraction and more willingness in the opposite sex.

At The Pimp we bring you the best pheromone product, made from 100% genuine human pheromone. We made sure they offers a 100% Money Back guarantee and check whether the product is pure concentrate vs. a cologne or alcohol preparation that simply contains some tiny proportion of hormone.

We give you the tips you've been needing to take that extra step and get the girl you want, using a little pheromone to boost it is an excellent way to go.

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