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Eating healthy can prevent serious illness. By making minor changes to the way we eat, we can increase our energy, enhance the body's ability to fight disease and therefore live longer, happier healthier lives. As we age, our bodies are more prone to disease. We have less resistance to illness.

By establishing a healthy eating plan early in life time will pass but your health will improve. When you contemplate the later years of your life, you want to be free from disease and able to take advantage of the time that will be available. Retirement might not be a concern for you but being healthy as you age should be a concern for everyone.

The easiest way to get healthy is using food as the source of your vitamins, minerals and anti-aging solution. In combination with exercise, healthy eating will reduce your chances of falling a victim to most chronic diseases.

Healthy eating is the cornerstone to regaining or maintaining health. We are what we eat is not just a catchy phrase but a reality that is reflected in our faces and on our waistlines. Optimal health begins with the foods we consume. Changing our diets will change our healthy quotient. T he more healthy nutritious foods that we consume like fruits and vegetables the less likely we are to feel lethargic, catch constant colds or contract o ther immune related diseases.

We can revamp our eating habits easily by eliminating some of the high fat content foods and replacing them with foods that are low by learning the rules and regulations that are part of an overall healthy eating plan. Some of the basic rules is eliminating fats and replacing those fats with fruits and vegetables.

Concerns about aging can be reduced if we engage in healthy eating. T he right foods in the right combination can reverse a trend toward obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions that becomes more prevalent as we age. . Making conscious decisions about the food we eat can provide longevity and vibrant health.

Eating healthy not only impacts our personal health but the environment. The Center for Science in the Public Interest released some interesting new for those individuals who might be interested in not only eating healthy but also in saving the environment.

"Forty lbs of fertilizer would be spared if every day for a year, individuals replaced a 3-ounce serving of beef, an egg and an ounce of cheese with the same number of calories from fruit, vegetables or whole grains"

The environmental impact alone is a good reason to start a healthy eating plan. The greater benefit is to the heart, waistline and our longevity. Healthy eating really is the solution to a lot of chronic health problems. Formulating a new healthy eating plan can reduce our waist lines, lower our cholesterol and reduce our chances of contracting diabetes II.

We can train our taste buds to like the foods that are healthiest for us. By revising our favorite foods using less fat and sugar we can revive our taste buds and learn to truly enjoy the taste of healthy natural foods. By forming good healthy eating habits, we can actually undo some of the damage that we have wrecked on our bodies.

We may need some help with recipes and food choices. But there is help available. For more information on healthy eating visit


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