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Meditation And Relaxation - An Exercise In Healing, Light Meditation

Donald Saunders

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For many people meditation is very much more than simply an exercise in relaxation and focus, but is very much a religious experience. Indeed many people believe, quite wrongly as it happens, that meditation is a form of religious practice which must follow a prescribed form and be practiced only in connection with matters of religion or spirituality.

In fact meditation can be used for a variety of different purposes and in many different situations and how you choose to use your own particular form of meditation, and in what circumstances, is very much a personal matter.

Nevertheless, it is certainly true that meditation can be extremely helpful in the practice of many different religions and countless millions of people around the world use meditation every day in the observance of their religion.

This meditation uses the visualization of light and color and is designed to enable you to feel connected to both your “physical" self and your “spiritual" self. It is an extremely calming exercise and one which will help you to feel “grounded".

In this particular exercise you will need to picture an upper source of light and, although it is not necessary to do so, you may find it helpful to picture this light as coming from your concept of “God" or other higher power.

Start by choosing a comfortable position and begin by closing your eyes and breathing deeply and rhythmically for a minute or two.

Next, visualize a source of clean, white light high above your head. This strong white light pours down onto you, entering your body through the very top of your head and then flows down through your entire body, illuminating and cleansing every cell of your body as it does so. You feel it purifying your system as it cleans out any impurities and removes tension, stress or pain.

The light continues its journey through your body coming out of your feet and entering into the ground as it continues on its way down towards the center of the earth.

As this light flows through your body and carries your stress and tension with it deep into the center of the earth, feel the immense pleasure that the light brings as it nourishes you and leaves you feeling totally relaxed.

Now visualize a second light but, in this case, a bright, clear green light which is coming up from the center of the earth, and entering your body through your feet.

Feel it travel up your legs and through every part of your body as it heals and nourishes you with the essential elements of the earth.

As the green light continues up, it exits from the top of your head and continues flowing upward high into the sky.

Feel the connection to both the spiritual and physical (earthly) aspects of yourself as both lights flow through you, white from above and green from below. Feel them combine in a bright blend of healing nourishment that bathes your body and spirit in healing, nourishing energy.

When you are ready, allow the lights to begin to fade, but retain the calm, nourished feeling from the lights as you continue to breathe calmly and bring your attention back to the present.

Finally, slowly stretch and open your eyes.

Donald Saunders is the author of a number of health-related publications discussing the problems of sleep and giving detailed advice on using such things as daily meditation to help in curing insomnia . For more information about daily meditation please visit


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