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With the recent advances in biology, scientists now have an understanding of how genes, chromosomes and DNA work to create a human. You might have heard in the news that scientists are looking for a fat gene so that they can develop new drugs to address obesity. Due to these news reports you might be under the false assumption that your genes cause you to be fat. I'm sure you have heard people say “the reason that I'm overweight is that it in my genes”, “my whole family is overweight, it's in our genes”.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Some people have been led to believe that the condition of their body is predestined based on their genetic makeup. They believe that if their mother and or father were fat then they will be fat because it in their genes. This is a load of nonsense. While genetic make up does contribute to your potential body it does not determine if you are fat or not. Only you and your beliefs about your body determine the kind of body you have.

If your mother was lazy are you destined to be lazy? If your father was a womanizer are you destined to be a womanizer? The obvious answer is no. To believe that your genes control the destiny of your body is a very dangerous belief.

First of all it is a disempowering belief. By believing that you are predestined to be fat takes all of the responsibility off of you. How sad is this, by diluting your personal power you relinquish your position as the captain of your ship, the creator of your life experience. You become a victim, forever enslaved, not by the pre programming of your ancestors but by your misconceptions.

Scientists working in the fields of biology and physics are discovering that a persons beliefs actually alters their cellular structure. Your genes are not the problem, it's your beliefs. If you believe that you are destined to be overweight, your subconscious mind and your cells will support that belief. Scientists have proven that how you think and what you believe alters your biology.

It's your beliefs that cause your genes to change and cause you to be overweight. I need to repeat this, your beliefs about your body and food determine if you are overweight.

Let's focus on a person who believes that he is overweight due to his genes. What this belief does is creates an attitude of “no matter what I do I'm going to be fat so I might as well enjoy myself and eat some doughnuts”. This person has relinquished all responsibility for his body. This gets compounded because his disempowering belief that he is predestined to be overweight actually alters his cells, so his cells will support his belief. His cells will alter themselves so that fat cells continue to build up on his body and his metabolism will slow down making it harder for him to lose the weight.

The first step in losing weight is altering your beliefs. You need to believe that you can lose weight; you need to believe that you deserve to lose weight; you need to believe that you will lose weight. Without first instilling this belief system you can never be successful in losing weight.

So how does one change their beliefs? First you need to determine what disempowering beliefs you have concerning your body and your weight. The best way to do this is to listen to yourself. Listen not only to things you say out loud but also things you say to yourself. “I can't lose weight”, “I look fat”, “I feel fat” these are examples of disempowered thinking. Each one of these thoughts is programming your subconscious and your biology.

Once you catch yourself saying or thinking a negative thought counter it by using an “I choose” statement. A negative statement such as “I can't lose weight” would become “I choose to believe that I can lose weight”. “I feel fat” would become “I choose to feel myself being lighter and thinner”.

Do this for 30 days and you will notice positive results. After 30 days your body will begin to respond and you will feel happier and optimistic.

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