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My Simple Antiaging Skin Care Treatment Program To Delay The Aging Process!


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Why is the human race so hung up these days in maintaining their youthful looks for as long as possible? Antiaging skin care treatment is big business today and a major reason is the voracious appetite the baby boomer generation have in defying the aging process.

Responsible for just about every major trend in the last 50 years from fast foods to real estate, the baby boomer generation has embraced the concept of health and wellness during the past two decades and driven skin care treatment and health related products through the “profit roof" for those savvy enough to “catch this enormous wave" and ride it for all it's worth. What's it worth? Literally billions and still on an upward spiral!

Meet Antiaging Head On!

So, can we defy the antiaging process? Sure we can! As a forty something health fanatic I think I haven't done too badly and have fooled more than the odd person about my real age. There's no secret; just a simple skin care treatment program combined with regular nutritional intake.

As a professional broadcaster, I became conscious of my appearance and the need to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible. I was already exercising regularly: jogging and gym work but it wasn't until I discovered the drop in nutritional food value several years ago and the cell damage occurring within our bodies due to lack of proper nutritional replenishment that the light finally went on. And the irony was, while I was exercising, I was also speeding up the aging process. Strenuous exercise is a major contributor to free radical promotion within our bodies and unless one is taking optimal amounts of nutrition, then these damaging marauders will continue to “chip away" within us and cause more and more cell damage.

An Antiaging Routine

So what is my simple daily antiaging skin care treatment program? Here it is:

1. Optimal amounts of antioxidant and mineral intake. You'll need to do a bit of homework here and find the best antioxidant products on the market. Here's a tip. You'll need to look a little deeper than the mainstream market.

2. A morning skin care treatment includes a facial daily cleanser, hydrating toner, a daytime protection emulsion and eye cream.

3. At night, the process is repeated with the cleanser and toner, a night renewal cream and the eye cream.

That's it! It's an antiaging skin care treatment program recommended to me several years ago and the key has been I've followed it “to the letter. " The result? A very happy forty something!

Antiaging skin care treatment to this author means a combination of outer and inner body maintenance. You'll need to find what works best for you and when you do, stick to it!

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Follow a successful antiaging skin care routine and keep the aging process at bay. Get the latest antiaging news and reviews at:


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