How To Recognise Asthma Cough Symptoms


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A persistent, chronic cough should not be ignored, particularly in children and could be a common symptom of asthma. Asthma cough is different than a conventional cough and it's important to differentiate between the two.

One of the most difficult things for parents is determining what is asthma cough and what is conventional coughing. There is a distinct difference. In fact, don't guess. The best course of action is to make an appointment to see your doctor. The truth is doctors even have difficulty in establishing the difference between the two.

Identifying Asthma Cough

Let's look at what asthma cough is. Essentially, asthma cough is non productive. By non productive, mucus isn't brought up. In fact, it's unique and has a sound all to it's own. It's very much a dry, wheezing sound and can persist until a child or adult gets to the stage where they are gasping for air. So no mucus and the chances are it's an asthma cough: if their is mucus, then it may be the signs of an impending cold.

The Cause Of Asthma Cough?

The most likely cause are allergens or irritants. The home is a common trigger factor and harbors a number of these symptom producing culprits. When a person reacts to these allergens or irritants the result will be a swelling in the airways causing muscle spasms in and around the bronchial passages. Because it's an irritant and not mucus productive, the obvious reaction is to cough and the reason why it's dry. Trying to force the irritating factor through the bronchial passages means the coughing will usually be prolonged and eventually lead to shortness of breath and dry reaching.

Asthma Cough Treatment

One of the best responsive treatments is the use of bronchodilators. They are effective in loosening the muscles around the bronchial tubes, soothing the cough and providing much needed respite to the sufferer. Lack of air movement when the muscles become tight around the bronchial tubes is akin to a “bear hug" being applied the use of broncodilators eases this restrictive effect, forcing the air back through the passages.

Effective treatment also includes the use of inhaled corticosteroids. This anti-inflammatory treatment has the effect of easing the swelling, usually chronic, around the bronchial area thus making their job of forcing out any irritants a lot easier.

Other Treatment Methods

Herbal specialists have been sought in recent times and recommendations such as tea, black or green, are said to provide some relief against asthma cough symptoms. Honey can also provide relief particularly before going to bed at night. How effective these treatments are compared to more traditional medical treatments shouldn't really be an issue as they are intended more to compliment those treatments.

Eliminating most of the allergens and irritants from the home may not be possible, in fact, it's nigh on impossible however, with good management practice techniques, asthma cough incidence can be kept to a minimum.

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Asthma Attack Symptoms
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