Omega 3 Fish Oil for Better Health

Michael Byrd

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Research proves omega 3 fish oil is truly amazing. It's been called the “Miracle health discovery of the 21st century. "

And, no matter who you are, fish oil offers you healthy results.

These include better brain development, higher intelligence, a healthier heart, less depression, fewer headaches, freedom from joint pain and protection against heart disease, prostate and breast cancer, diabetes and many, many more omega 3 benefits.

And hundreds of studies show good quality fatty acid supplements with DHA, EPA and DPA can give you these positive healthy results throughout your entire lifetime.

Scientists believe the rewards of omega 3 fish oil with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DPA (docosapentaenoic acid) begin at conception. (Just think of salmon swimming upstream to spawn!)

Fish has always been known as brain food that leads to higher intelligence. And scientists now understand that nearly 70% of a baby’s brain and more than 60% of an adult brain is made up of DHA.

Not only do these fatty acids benefit you with better smarts, but a lack of them have been linked to PMS, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, violence and suicide. (Whoops! Don't want to go there!) Research shows fish oil benefits include relief from all these conditions.

Scientific clinical trials reveal that another major result among the many other benefits is fish oil's ability to prevent, reduce and even treat inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, bursitis, cystitis and other painful disorders. Although it can't claim to cure these diseases, it's been proven to provide safe, natural relief without the negative side effects of most drugs.

Extensive research also shows that DHA, EPA, DPA and some of the other omega 3 fatty acids help to prevent and naturally treat heart disease by lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol readings and preventing the arrhythmia and blood clots that can lead to stroke or sudden cardiac death.

Researchers even report omega 3 fish oil effectively reduces Alzheimer's and significantly improves the survival rate and quality of life in terminally ill cancer patients. So, the miraculous benefits continue for people right up to the end.

Because of all these positive results, the National Institutes of Health recommends pregnant and nursing mothers will benefit from supplementing their diet with 1200mg a day of pure fish oil. All other adults should receive at least 1000mg of daily omega 3 with balanced DHA, EPA and DPA.

Yet surveys show that 85% of Americans are deficient in these important fatty acids and, therefore, are missing out on all of the incredible benefits. Pregnant and lactating women get less than 18% of the recommendation and only 2% of women meet their daily needs. Nearly 20% of the population are so low in omega 3 fatty acids that tests are unable to detect any in their blood.

Are you one of the deficient ones?

To make sure you're not missing out and are receiving all of the great health results and benefits, start eating more fatty fish and taking high quality, pure omega 3 fish oil supplements on a regular basis.

For optimum results, check your sources to guarantee that you're getting the very best quality fish oil possible for the rest of your long happy healthy life!

Michael Byrd has over 18 years of education and experience in the fields of physical therapy, health, fitness and nutrition. His pursuit of wellness has shown him many fish oil health benefits as well as the benefits of using natural whole foods to help you look younger, feel better and stay healthy. Michael will even send you a Free CD when you visit his site at .

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits - Everything There is to Know about Omega 3 Fish Oil
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