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Fred Waters

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Elliptical Trainers are growing in popularity. It is apparent when you go to your local health club or fitness equipment store, and see as many ellipticals on the floor as treadmills.

When buying an elliptical trainer, most people are overwhelmed with the numerous models and the countless features. To assist you in getting the best value for your money, I will review several important considerations when purchasing an elliptical trainer.

Getting the Right Features

You need to determine exactly what features you desire on an elliptical trainer. For example, what is a comfortable stride length for your height? The stride length can vary from 14"-22". With a short stride length, you get a bouncy, circular motion, rather than a smooth elliptical motion. Other features to consider are:

  • Rear vs. Front Brake System
  • Selection of Workout Programs
  • Quality of the Console and Display
  • Articulating Foot Pedals – Pedals that angle with your stride
  • Heart Rate Control
  • Stability
  • Noise Level
  • The Quality of the Elliptical Trainer

    Just like a car, the quality of an elliptical and its components can vary drastically. Cheap elliptical trainers are built with cheap parts, while high-end brands utilize precision components. Learn about the company you are considering buying from, and their reputation for construction, design and components. Your goal is to get the best value within your price range. This doesn’t mean buying the elliptical that has the most bells and whistle for the price. In most cases, you are getting glitzy features at the expense of the components. You may have a rockin built-in sound system, but it will not matter if your elliptical doesn’t function, or it is so noisy you cannot hear the music.

    Manufacturer Reputation for Service

    You also want to learn about the customer service reputation of any company you plan to deal with. Depending on the manufacturer, getting service or repairs can either go smoothly or be a nightmare. In fact, one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers has a horrendous reputation for customer service. You will see countless complaints in various elliptical trainer reviews. Buy from a company that stands behind their equipment.

    How Extensive is the Warranty?

    I find a product warranty very revealing. It primarily is a statement by the manufacturer on the durability of their equipment. For example, if you buy an elliptical with a 90-day parts and labor warranty, you can assume that it is poorly constructed and is equipped with cheap components. In comparison, an elliptical with a 5-year parts and 2-year service warranty, is obviously better engineered. (That is the warranty on most Sole Ellipticals. ) If it isn’t, they are going to go broke on repairs. I created an Elliptical Warranties at a Glance chart, which allows you to view and compare the warranties of the most popular elliptical trainers.

    Above are a few suggestions to assist you in getting the best buy possible in an elliptical trainer. Shop smart when you compare and review different models, it will pay off in the long run. One last note, once you purchase your elliptical, make sure you use it. It is more effective that way.

    Fred Waters worked in the fitness equipment industry for a number of years and is author of the Elliptical Trainer Reviews site.


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