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Who says you can't lose weight with a diet pill? I beg to differ. Did you know there are specialized weight loss programs designed just for obesity sufferers who use the Phentermine diet pill?

The online weight loss program in general is gaining popularity because it is convenient, offers 24/7 weight loss support and they don't cost an arm and a leg to join.

Some of the top online weight loss programs include eDiets, Cyberdiet, Weight Watchers, and the Zone just to name a few. Now, these programs are great for the casual dieter who wants to lose 10-20 pounds, but they just don't offer enough motivation and support for those of us who are fighting a much bigger battle. I'm talking about obesity.

If you're looking to lose 30, 50 or even 100 pounds, the weight loss programs above are probably not the best choices. So where do you turn? Many of us have tried everything without significant results, and have resorted to using a diet pill such as Phentermine. And wow, do we get results! But are they permanent? According to a study by PhenForum.com of 7200 members, 90% of people lose 30-60lbs with Phentermine, but since they don't improve their diet and exercise habits, the same bad habits come back to haunt them once they stop the pill and they regain most or all of the weight they lost. This is the common “yo-yo" dieting pattern that causes over 50% of dieting women to destroy their metabolism.

So far, you've seen what doesn't help you lose weight permanently, so it's about time I revealed what does work. Here's what you need to lose 30-100 pounds and keep them off for life:

  • Instant, 24/7 motivation from many friends
  • Tools and step-by-step guidance to transform your bad habits into healthy, fat-burning habits.
  • A weight loss program that can help you get through a plateau.

The online weight loss program at PhenForum.com helps people lose between 10-20lbs per month and choose a healthy, easy to follow diet such as South Beach, Okinawa, Mediterranean, or Body For Life. Diet plans are combined with unlimited online personal training to discover which exercises will melt fat away from the problem areas such as flabby arms, big thighs, and stomach. To get started, subscribe to our free newsletter packed with weight loss tips and advice from our diet and fitness experts.


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