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Tummy fat, or belly fat, is the constant reminder of the battle of weight gain and fat storage for many people. It is another reason why so many diets fail and people give up on the battle against fat, especially fat around the waistline. Sure, they do lose weight and sometimes a good amount. But they hit a point where this stops and no matter what they do there are areas on the body where the fat just won't go away and they submit to the false realization that this tummy fat is “inherited" and just part of their genetic makeup. But can these be the only reasons for fat and fat storage around the waistline and lower body?

Well, not really. This is kind of a “yes" and “no" answer for a large part of the population that has the problem of becoming more overweight and see more fat being stored around their waistline as the years go by. Yes, there are genetic factors, of course, that make some people have the tendency to store more or less fat than other people do. But eating habits, dietary lifestyle and how active or how much exercise a person gets can be huge factors for weight gain, obesity and yes, the tummy fat.

How many times have you tried a “new" diet and exercised like crazy only to find yourself getting the same results as your last futile attempt at dieting? Like many people:

  • You lose some weight fast, but you still can't get rid of the fat around your waistline. It's like tummy fat is immune to any dieting or exercise.
  • Your weight loss seems to slow down and almost stop, even if you increase your exercising.
  • You end up hungry, tired and cranky.
  • Your motivation drops and eventually you end your latest attempt at losing weight and losing tummy fat.

So why continue doing what you've been doing and getting the results that you've been getting? Why not try and do something different? Forget “fad" diets. Forget diets where you are starving yourself or depriving yourself. Forget diets!

Here are five magic phrases:

  • Glycemic Index
  • Glycemic Load
  • Blood sugar
  • Insulin
  • Insulin Resistance

Why do I call these magic phrases? Because I was forced into learning about them…out of fear, after a routing physical (after many years) showed I had high blood pressure, too high of a fasting blood sugar level and could stand to lose a few pounds.

I learned about those five phrases and how they affect the body, especially blood sugar and high blood pressure. I also learned how those things affect weight gain. To my surprise, I learned that the body can be put into fat storage or fat burning mode. No kidding! I didn't believe that until it happened to me. I basically did three things:

  1. I learned about proper nutrition, or how to eat right and combine my foods to put my body into fat burning mode, not fat storage mode. It's easily done and it works!
  2. I learned (and am still learning) as much as I could about the glycemic index, glycemic load, blood sugar and insulin and how all of these can greatly affect whether your body is in fat burning or fat storage mode.
  3. I exercised…not like a maniac…just normal exercise. If you are in fat burning mode, you don't have to be excessive here as your exercising is way more effective.

And what happened? My blood pressure plummeted and my fasting blood sugar level returned to normal. I started losing weight, at a good rate. But the weight loss didn't stop. It kept going and going. And finally, the biggest surprise. The fat was just burning away…from all areas of my body! I lost fat all around my waist and lower body…the infamous TUMMY FAT was melting away! There are muscles I see now that I haven't seen since high school and I can now fit into jean sizes that I wore in 11th grade. This was shocking to me. I wasn't trying for a drastic result like this and I didn't expect it. But it happened. All because of knowledge of proper nutrition and exercising.

So try something new and different. Forget diets. Do this:

  • Learn about proper nutrition and what foods to eat. Learn how to combine foods, when to eat different foods and how this can put you into fat burning mode or fat storage mode.
  • Learn about blood sugar and insulin and how this is related to fat storage or fat burning mode.
  • Learn about the glycemic index and glycemic load and how these are related to blood sugar and insulin, which again, can determine if you'll be in fat storage or fat burning mode.
  • Learn how to exercise properly and normally. You don't need to be a marathon workout nut if you apply knowledge of the three points above.

If you put effort into learning about the things mentioned in the four bullet points above, you can put your body into fat burning mode and magical things will happen to your weight and overall health. And yes, there is a really good chance that the stubborn Tummy Fat will melt away and you'll be truly amazed at your progress, what you see in the mirror and your weight loss.

You'll also realize how easy it is to burn fat and will wish you had done this years ago!

Learn, eat right, exercise and good luck!

Start learning about proper nutrition and proper eating habits now. Win the war on weight gain, obesity and bodyfat, especially that stubborn tummy fat. For a great source on how to do this, see:

Burn Fat Better!


Mason Grae is a big believer in properly changing eating habits to promote weight loss, improved blood sugar control, lower blood pressure and improved overall health. Education is key, so that the “fad diet" effect, which many times ends in failure, can be avoided.


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