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What is optimum nutrition? Optimum nutrition is the point in which your body’s metabolism is perfectly balanced in order to burn the calories that you take into it, without storing excess body fat. Every human body has minimal stores of body fat, to ensure that if there is a sudden illness or fasting, that it can still function without food intake. So, there is no such thing as zero percent body fat. But, it is quite obvious to our eyes what level of body fat is perfect for our bodies.

Your food intake depends upon how much exercise you get. Optimum nutrition can be achieved, and should be your ultimate goal. To achieve your level of optimum nutrition, it is essential for you to exercise regularly. Exercise elevates the amount of calories that your body burns each day, and therefore decreases the chances of calories being stored as fat.

Optimum nutrition depends upon your body’s muscle density. Don’t cringe when you read the words “muscle density”! Muscle density does not mean muscle size. To explain further, when you exercise your muscle density increases. Your muscle size will remain the same, but it will become denser. This means that your body will burn more calories when you exercise, as well as when it’s at rest. You can maintain your current size, increase muscle density, and burn more calories. This is the biggest contributor to your achieving your optimum nutrition levels.

Optimum nutrition is, of course, dependent upon nutrition! You must eat a proper diet in order for your body to tune itself to achieve your goals. Your optimum nutrition level is attainable, but you need to eat well balanced meals that enable your body to keep itself nourished as well as recuperate from the damage that is done through exercise. This means that you have to eat balanced levels of fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, and protein. Protein is particularly important due to the fact that your muscles are dependent upon it in order for them to increase density following exercise.

Your goals are reachable if you are willing to work at it. Your optimum nutrition is closer than you think. A small amount of work on your part can bring about a significant amount of change. You must spend the time working on your optimum nutrition in order to tune your body appropriately to achieve it.

Small changes are usually better. The road to optimum nutrition can be bumpier for some than most. This means that sometimes it’s better to take baby steps when fine tuning your level of optimum nutrition. If changing your diet and taking on exercise is too much, try only one of them for a while at first. When you have succeeded in that change, then start another one. Map out these small steps, and achieve each one of them. You will find yourself at your optimum nutrition before you know it, and will see the optimum you in the end.

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