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If You Want Your Face To Look Great, Give Up Stress Or At Least Get It Under Control


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Have you ever discovered that someone you know is a lot younger than they look? One of the reasons people look older than they really are is stress. Before I learned how to handle stress I looked a good 15 years older than my real age. There is a definite difference in the way someone looks when they have been living with a lot of stress for prolonged periods of time, or sometimes even just a few days of intense stress can make someone look older. There is actually a physiological reason for this and it has to do with biochemical changes. If you have been under physical or mental stress for a while your body's biochemical system actually changes and this is makes your skin age faster and not only can you look older, but stress can give you other skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, itching and hives.

The reason I want to remind you about stress in relation to skin care tips is because stress can mess around with your skin to such a large degree that I want to make sure you do not underestimate the effect of stress on your skin. If you are suffering from some skin problems you may find that reducing stress in your life will help to clear up some, if not all, of your undesirable skin conditions. Remember that your mind and your body work together to produce your overall health. So the state of your mind can determine how healthy you are, including how healthy your skin will be. So one of the best natural skin care tips I can give you is to reduce the stress in your life.

An excellent thing you can do for your skin is to take some supplements. Things such as flaxseed oil, cold-water fish and fish oil supplements have the good type of fat in them and your skin loves this fat! This type of good fat makes up cell membranes, some body chemicals and hormones. So there you have it, fat is good for you! But only if it is the right type of fat.

We all know the rule about drinking enough water, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Another reason it is important to drink six to eight glasses of water a day is to get rid of toxins in your body. Water flushes your body right out! Did you know that toxins that get built up in your body can be responsible for skin problems? So it makes sense that if you flush out the toxins your skin may very well start to clear up. Water will also keep your skin hydrated and this will keep you looking younger.

One place that toxins like to build up is in your digestive system, especially your colon. For this reason it is important that you have a healthy digestive system. This is easy to do. First you should make sure you are drinking enough water and eating enough fiber. You need to make sure that you drink water so that the fiber does not just clump up together. Fiber needs water to really work well. It is interesting to note that many people who have acne, psoriasis or other skin conditions, often have an imbalanced digestive system. Once you straighten out your digestive system, you should start to see a difference in your skin.

The last natural skin care tip I'm going to give you is to cut down on sugar. You have probably heard that before but I will give you the exact reason why you should cut back on your sugar. When you eat too much sugar your glucose molecules damage your protein molecules and this damages the collagen in your skin. When the collagen gets damaged, this reduces the elasticity in your skin and that is why you get wrinkles. So you can see that cutting back on sugar is a great natural thing to do for you skin, not to mention your weight! You will probably be surprised how so many things that are good for your skin are also good for your weight.

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