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While surfing the world-wide web for information on writing an article for my blog, I stumbled on a new style of Yoga, known as among all things “Chair Yoga” and dig this, they actually have a program known as an instruction course for teaching handicap (aka chair) yoga for interested parties to learn how to teach it!

I guess this leads to the next question; what in the world is Chair Yoga?

Well, according to the founder, Liz Franklin, it is designed to allow almost anyone to participate in a very gentle form of Yoga. It is a wonderful way for people with physical limitations to experience the relaxation and increased flexibility that yoga brings. Many health benefits are seen with regular yoga practice, and now everyone can participate, even if they cannot get onto a floor mat.

Now, in regards to instruction courses for teaching handicap (aka chair) yoga, according to the site's owner all authorized instructors receive intensive training directly from Liz, the creator of this program.

The one catch is only individuals that have extensive prior experience with yoga and/or prior yoga teacher certification are allowed to participate in the training seminars.

After reading all this, I almost immediately told a friend (who unfortunately now uses a wheel chair) of this form of exercise to stay fit, and he seemed very much sold on the option after we both viewed an online demonstration of yoga in chairs by Liz.

Well, if it means more people like my handicapped friend can get into doing ‘chair yoga’ to stay fit and hence reap the benefits of Yoga, I say this style has got my vote.

Moreover, if they go as far as to have an actual instruction course for teaching handicap (aka chair) yoga program to ensure that people learn of this style of Yoga the right way, Hey, my support is even all the more offered.

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Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Yoga for Beginners Blog today for more information on chair yoga teacher certification


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