So, What's the Most Effective Remedy for Pimples?


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I was asked the other day why I didn’t join the rest of the staff at work in the customary Friday Pizza, I sort of fumbled for the words-considering my reserved nature-but was able to explain that watching my diet was arguably the safest means for me to control acne breakouts…that amongst other things of course.

Not unlike millions of people around the world, one question perhaps used to be the most prominent during my acne phase while I used to stare in the mirror:

It was: “What's the most effective remedy for pimples?

Suffice it to say that “Thank God, I found it”

Acne can make life hard when you are surrounded by people who have flawless skin. And trying to find the most effective remedy for pimples products can prove to be a real headache, not to mention a regular, never-ending expense.

Honestly, most acne treatment products are not only based on one type of product. They are interlinked and therefore require a routine usage.

Well, here's my take: I tried it all and for me, NOTHING worked till I changed my diet (eliminating all junk and processed foods!, animal dander and even some so-called whole grains. . . ), and applying nothing but cool water to my face with the occasional facial massage and/or steaming.

Moreover, I ensured to change my pillow-cases daily, shampoo my hair (if need be) and basically apply one golden rule in regards to not just the most effective remedy for pimples options, but overall health: “You are what you eat!"

Now, we are all different and granted our bodies may react and respond differently to treatment options, but take it from a guy who bore every pimple or rough faced related nickname or tease in high school, after trying almost every conventional option out there to getting clearer skin and now having almost everyone comment on the smoothness of my skin, the tips mentioned earlier DEFINETLY can’t hurt and could help immensely.

What’s even more is they cost little or nothing, so you really have just about that little to lose if any.

To Health and Clearer skin,

Yours truly,


Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Natural Acne Treatment Blog today for more information on the Best acne blemish treatment .

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