How to Use an Inartificial Remedy for Acne Rosacea


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Acne rosacea is a chronic skin disease of the face in which the blood vessels enlarge, giving the cheeks and nose a flushed appearance.

Expert dermatologists suggest that it is not really a form of acne, but a vascular condition of the skin which may also be accompanied by papules and pimples.

Nonetheless, considering that I did suffer from such a diagnosis along with the more common acne that most people are used to, and at the end of the day, the first impression that most people will walk away with when they see one’s face with such a disorder, suffice it to say that in treating one form of acne or skin-disorder (naturally that is), you are really treating all.

Although there is no known cause for this condition, acne rosacea appears to occur most often in fair-skinned people of northern and eastern European descent, particularly Celtic, English, and Scottish.

Now, when you take into consideration the vascular nature of acne rosacea, food and drink which may dilate the vessels are known to aggravate its condition.

These include:

Hot Drinks (Tea, Hot Chocolate and Coffee); Alcohol; spicy foods; Skin Care Products with Alcohol.

Therefore, as a core part of any acne rosacea inartificial remedy regimen, see to it that the afore-mentioned substances are especially done without.

In addition, borrowing from some tips that I especially have implemented for curing my acne situation along with my previous asthma problems, lethargy and general levels of being in poor shape-physically and mentally and considering the impact of diet on any and everyone's health, a change in diet from junk, processed and refined foods is advised.

Other simple tips that would lend to an overall improvement in one’s skin tone will be:

1. Changing your pillowcases.

2. Applying NOTHING but plain water to the face (cool that is) for rinsing.

3. Avoiding excessive make-up

4. Shaving (mostly downward) in the direction of the beard's growth

In conclusion, it is my hope that this information will come in handy to giving you clearer and young looking skin.

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Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Natural Acne Treatment Blog today for more information on Acne Rosacea Natural Treatment

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