Can Depression be Linked to Signs of Eating Disorders?


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Studies have shown that most people who are anorexic or binge eaters often eat (or don't eat as the case may be) when they feel anxious, lonely and/or depressed.

To really analyze if depression is a factor that could be associated with eating disorders, anorexia nervosa being the main one in question, let’s go over what this ailment actually is.

Anorexia is an eating disorder where the individual becomes preoccupied with an unhealthy pursuit of weight loss that eventually leads to distortion in body image. No matter how thin they may become, anorexics continue to believe they need to lose weight.

Now, if one really studies a person suffering from anorexia nervosa, one will notice that such a patient often displays symptoms of depression which include

1. Low self-esteem

2. Lack of identity.

3. Feeling out of control over eating

4. Depression

5. Anxiety

6. Loss of *** desire

7. Feelings of guilt and shame

8. Feeling disgusted with self

9. Suicidal thoughts

Based on the common assessment that anorexics do truly lack a firm understanding of themselves, in the hopes of trying gain attention and respect for their exterior appearance, they often go to extremes to avoid eating leading to a never ending battle with the signs of depression above.

As with many conditions, eating orders can better be dealt with through a calm and focused mind. Depression and low self esteem are problems often associated with eating disorders, and from research and studies, there are several methods of dealing with both disorders, both exclusively and combined.

Though conventional methods of treatment may have more acceptance due to a firm backing from the FDA, some natural healers do attest to being able to help with depressed and anorexic patients through various methods of holistic approaches and perhaps applicable patients may do well to investigate into them.

The bottom-line is if either situations may apply to a person, there is indeed hope available, one just needs to educate oneself on the most effective choices and with perseverance, determination and of course assistance from helpful experts, a final and lasting recovery can be attained.

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Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Treatment for Depression Blog today for more information on Anxiety depression and anorexia symptoms


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