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I hope you do.

When you consider that the pioneers and practitioners of Naturopathy believe that 99.9% OF ALL DISEASES is a result of toxemia resulting from constipation causing a clogging up of the bodily tissues, it really won’t surprise me that yes, you too might want to get on the band-wagon (albeit a good choice) to cleanse the body naturally.

Although it may be laden with obstacles at first, it is indeed worth its pursuit. So just how do we go about achieving such a state?

Well, arguably the fastest path will be a fast.

There are several methods to doing just this and the different methods and types-are all more or less effective, but adaptable to whatever level of discipline you may be willing to give in return.

These methods include:

1. The complete water fast: This, admittedly, should be conducted with extreme caution or in a specialized sanitarium if undertaken more than 3 days.

2. The Juice Fast: This is much easier for the general populace and can be undergone as long as you feel like it.

3. The Fruit Fast: This, well, is really not a fast per se…but when one lives exclusively on SEASONAL ORGANIC fruits for days on end…meaning mono meals (2 at the most ) of only one kind of fruit say Apples in Fall, Melons in summer for a week plus, you will be bound to see the benefits.

I will be quick to add that other tips that could be used in combination with these various types of cleanses could include the use exercises such as Yoga, Pilates and the Yoga-esque Royal Court and the consumption of a Mucus-less (alkaline) diet of raw and or properly cooked Fruits and Vegetables.

One more criteria that I will add to eating such a recommended diet will be to adhere to a no-breakfast policy.

Already I can see people saying: “That can’t be healthy, breakfast is supposed to be the healthiest meal of the day…?!”

Well, nothing could be further from the truth!

Based on scientifically proven research on thousands of people for over two centuries on such health principles as food combination and assimilation, the human body goes through a cleansing process from twelve midnight until twelve noon, and a building program from twelve noon to twelve midnight, therefore our meals during these respective periods should be harmonious with these processes of cleansing of the body naturally.

That said, in addition to the dietetic suggestion provided herewith also see to it that while you are on any cleanse of the body (especially when fasting) that you

-Get as Much Fresh Air as possible.

-Get as Much Rest as Possible

-DON'T use microwaves. . . at all.

-Avoid negative mass media and suggestions.

-Don't overexert yourself, at least not till you feel up to physical activities

-Don't break a fast with just any food. . . fruits are your best bet.

So if your new year’s resolution was to cleanse the body to improve your health, I humbly present you with some of these tips above to aid you in the process.

Here’s to a healthier you in ’07 and beyond!


Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Fasting for Weight Loss Blog today for more information on natural detoxification of the body

natural detoxification of the body

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