Want to Stay Young? Try Some of These Steps


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These days, the desire of the average person (especially-and understandably- the female gender) is to retain youth, both in appearance and physiology.

This desire is in spite of the fact that aging is actually a natural process and again it is understandable that in this day and age where most things are image driven, one would want to stay looking young.

To this end friend, if there is a magic pill for anti-aging, there is no doubt among leading researchers that exercise is it. Nothing comes closer to achieving anti-aging effects in our body as exercise, even more so when combined with a proper and healthy diet.

Now, exercises for anti-aging consist of 3 separate components:

1. Flexibility Training

2. Cardiovascular Training

3. Strength Training

At this point, based on experience and some documented facts, most if not all of these components could very well be addressed and met with the use of Yoga.

Speaking of yoga, both of its “descendants” (Pilates and the Royal Court Exercises) and even the common body-weight exercises can all be used as the forms of exercises for anti-aging purposes.

Furthermore, the diet that is normally associated to a Yogic lifestyle (that being a ‘sattvic diet’) is perhaps one of the best dietetic choices for health and wellness.

Thus it should come as no surprise that this specific diet is perhaps the best for delaying the aging process.

Moreover, it is quite similar (if not the exact same) diet that is coined in the drug-free fraternity as the “Mucus-Less Diet” as it comprises of Raw Fruits, Fruit, Leafy and Root Vegetables and Some Less Harmful Whole Grains all the while being sure to adhere to simple rules such as proper food combining and eating at the right times.

This diet will see to it that all the sources of vitamins and nutrients are adequately met and that the primary dietetic needs of the body are catered to while simultaneously cleansing the body at the same time.

In addition to subsisting on a proper diet, other factors such as getting enough rest, laughter, keeping company with friends and family (that raise your spirits), interacting with children, animals and nature and just remembering to take things easy are other steps that aid in delaying the aging process and offer the best and superior tips on anti-aging steps.

Here's to being. . . FOREVER YOUNG!!!


Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Anti-Aging Solutions Blog today for more information on Anti-Aging Solutions


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3 Anti Aging Foods You Should Eat to Stay Young
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