How A Good Oral Hygiene And Teeth Care Can Prolong Your Life


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Have you ever heard of the disease called Focal Infection? Well, it won’t surprise me if you have no idea what I am talking about. However, what you should know, and this is very important, is that you stand the risk of contracting a deadly disease that can kill very fast, if you do not have a good oral hygiene and teeth care. For goodness sake keep a regular appointment with both your doctor and dentist.

Focal infection can be easily overlooked, which is why it’s usually very fatal, because the disease can develop in your teeth, gums or the tonsil and be seen as ordinary oral problem if you do not let your dentist look into your mouth regularly.

According to Dr Price, people who have had their teeth root canal treated could develop focal infection. So you can see why it is very important to keep a regular appointment with both your physician and dentist who are trained to recognize signs of focal infection.

Though it could be said that focal infection is not pandemic, but according to Dr Martin H. Fischer, “Focal infection started in a tooth is obviously no trivial matter! From it are destined to flow into the periphery (other gland, organs and tissues) what amounts to unexpected and acute orchronic invalidism at the best, at the worse, death. ”

Wow, so who wants to be associated with so much Doctor talk when you can prevent focal infection by simply ensuring proper oral hygiene and teeth care? All the oral and teeth care hygiene stuff you need can be found both at the corner shop and online at ridiculously cheap prices, and you can also locate the best dentists in your area online, and keep regular appointments that will prolong your life .

Make oral hygiene and teeth care your daily habit brushing at least twice and flossing once a day for a long sickness free life. Focal infection problem is deadly because people take their oral hygiene and teeth care for granted. Always remember that any problem tooth can predispose focal infection, so take adequate care of problem teeth, gum, tongue and tonsils. These are the organs that focal disease favors.

Finally, Let me repeat that though both your doctor and dentist can detect focal infection, there is no way they can help you if you don’t visit them regularly. Having said that, remember that your oral hygiene and teeth care is your responsibility in the first instance. Do not live without all the teeth care and oral hygiene stuff necessary for sickness free life.

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