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Treating The Burn With First Aid Burn Treatment


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It remains a commonly held belief that most accidents occur in the home. And none occurs more often than a burn. Ranging from the very minor to the very serious, burns can render their victims debilitated. And even the smallest burn can be intensely painful. Knowing how to attend to burns with first aid burn treatment can mean the difference between a minor mishap and a major calamity.

First and foremost, if the burn is severe; that is it is swelling, blistering severely, or covering a large area of skin; waste no time in getting to a medical facility for proper treatment. Severe burns – those that are second or third degree - can be extremely dangerous so the quicker the first aid burn treatment, the better.

If this is the case, assess the victim’s vitals – breathing, pulse rate, etc. – and call for emergency services immediately. Never remove clothing surrounding a severe burn, as in many cases the skin will have fused to the clothing. Additionally, do not apply cold water to severe burns as this can induce shock. Most important when it comes to first aid burn treatment of a severe burn is to keep the wound clean and moist. Damp tepid compresses and clean dressings will suffice until emergency help arrives.

For the minor burns that most happen in and around our homes – the first degree burn – first aid burn treatment can be more involved. Since the first degree burn only affects the first layer of skin, this first aid burn treatment is mostly topical in nature. First and foremost, run the burn under cold water to cease the burning process. You can then apply an antibiotic cream and loosely wrap the burn in clean, dry cloth. An over-the-counter pain reliever will more than likely be enough to reduce any discomfort. If the burn does not seem to be healing after several days following the first aid burn treatment, consult a medical professional.

Burns can happen any time; it’s best to keep a first aid kit handy with any necessary inclusions for first aid burn treatment such as gauze and burn ointment. Keep emergency numbers within sight and always know the quickest and most direct route to the nearest hospital.

A little preparation will go a long way to ensuring a successful first aid burn treatment should it ever become necessary.

For easy to understand, in depth information about first aid visit our ezGuide 2 First Aid .

first aid burn treatment

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