Air Cleaners and Purifiers Cause Quiet Sleep

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Have you ever tried to sleep in the same room with someone who snores? It's virtually impossible. You can put ear plugs in to find that they only dull the sound, not eliminate it. Air cleaners and purifiers will cause the air to become cleaner and fresher and help keep airways open. Snoring is caused from the airways being blocked. As a person sleeps, their body relaxes, causing the throat muscles to close; especially if the room is stuffy. This results in a person having to breathe through their mouth instead of their nose. The final effect is the irritating sound that keeps you awake night after night. You may have tried everything from shaking the person, to the last resort of kicking them; which by the way could be a satisfying moment; especially if you have been awake for most of the night. The use of air cleaners and purifiers can bring about a good nights sleep, at least a quiet one.

There are other reasons a person may have to breathe through their mouth instead of their nose. Cleaner air plays a big part of the solution, and air cleaners and purifiers can eliminate some of the problems that can cause nasal blockage. For someone who suffers from allergies, cleaner air can be a vital factor to their breathing problem. Dust and pollen usually are the big culprits in causing sinus blockage. Someone who is having difficulty breathing in the daytime, will ultimately have trouble at night when they lie down to go to sleep. Once they have drifted off to sleep, those airways will become relaxed and the person will begin breathing through their mouth, which will result in snoring and a restless nights sleep for anyone else.

Air cleaners and purifiers are designed to filter out dust and particles in the air that can cause allergies, but they are also designed to eliminate germs and bacteria which can lead to colds and flu. A cold will also cause the airways to become obstructed. When the sinuses become full or blocked, you may feel like you can't breathe. This will cause you to breathe through your mouth instead of using your nose. Once you drift off to sleep, you will more than likely snore. It won't bother you, but it may anyone else in the home. Did you know that long term snoring can lead to health issues? Air cleaners and purifiers could be a source of well being and healthy living if you have a snoring problem.

Smoke can also be a problem to nasal blockage. For a non smoker, smoke can be detrimental. Along with breathing problems, a person can experience other health issues as well. Just about everywhere you go you will encounter smoke smell. A person who smokes carries the smoke smell on their clothes and even on their hands. Anything they may touch can be contaminated with smoke. Air cleaners and purifiers are made to eliminate smoke and smoke smell, and most places of business are now installing air cleaners and purifiers for that very purpose.

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Breathing Ozone Air from Air Purifiers – the Research
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