The Truth About Seaweed - Do Drug Companies Want You Sick


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It is true that most drug companies and hospitals survive off the soaring medical expenses. Whether or not there is any actual conspiracy to keep people sick is still in up for discussion. However one thing is for sure, a simple solution would be to supply the people with the necessary nutrients for maximum health. If you supply these nutrients in organic states such as amino acids, fats, oils or sugars, then we could ingest these nutrients and be well on our way a way to healthier lives

If you look at mammals such as whales, seals and porpoises. You will see that they have a much longer life and live a much more vigorous lifestyle and then similar land species. It is no secret that these animals can attribute their superior health to the food chain within the oceans.

The amazing thing about ocean nutrients is their unique ability to sustain life. And believe it or not, there are many similarities between the natural elements in human blood and pure seawater. The sodium chloride that is present in both seawater and human blood if combined with proper trace elements, renders a mix that is very beneficial to human and plant species alike.

Seawater in particular seems to have some amazing characteristics. It is said that a cubic foot of seawater sustains many more living organisms than a cubic foot of soil. This nutrient dense substance holds over 90% of the Atomic Table Elements with the exception of the gases. It is even more remarkable that this solution is consistent in proportion and balance.

When the proper proportion of seawater is activated by the Sun’s power it becomes an ideal nutrient for the production of extremely nutritious plants. After these inorganic elements have been absorbed through the root they are turned into organic compounds. These organic compounds are then used by the human body and are extremely important to our longevity.

When these plants are harvested and used in either liquid or pill form they are a major benefit to re-energizing our bodies.

The current theory is that old age and the deterioration of cells can be reversed by a complete and balanced nutritional diet. This includes decreasing the chances of certain diseases. It is commonly known that disease and even old age are caused by nutritional deficiencies in cells in the body. It is important to note that most cells in the body regenerate every 18 months to seven years. If the body does not have essential elements at the time of cell division then gradual erosion continues until essential nutrients are present.

See plants or seaweeds are the most potent foods available to maintain youth and health. The right seaweed from deep clean ocean waters that is dried carefully to preserve the nutrient value is a shocking source of the food. This information is readily available, so why don't the big drug companies further the cause? Could it be that they make more money from you when you are sick?

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Health And Beauty With Seaweed - May Be Old, But Great Now Too!
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