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Being Happy with One’s Feet

How important is it to be happy with the condition of one’s feet? It is, after all, just a foot. Most people keep them conveniently tucked away and out of sight with socks and shoes and rarely do feet play an important role in overall appearance.

However, feet have a very important job to do and they are expected to do it well. They are crammed into shoes that contort them into various positions and they are expected to hold us up comfortably no matter how much weight we put on. They are expected to tolerate extreme temperatures more often than any other part of the body but they are pampered less than any other part of the body. Feet are busy, and quite tolerant, and yet the majority of us resent them for their appearance.

Cosmetic surgery of the foot is a growing trend. While it is unclear why feet are receiving quite so much attention all of a sudden, they are rapidly becoming the body part of new age cosmetic surgery.

Conditions of the Foot

One of the cited reasons people relate for undergoing cosmetic surgery of the foot is based on a common principle that if you’re going to fix it, fix it right. Over time our feet become painful, sometimes even distorted. Strange bumps can take over the foot and cause pain with every step. After all, we ask so much of the foot and give it so little in return.

There are numerous conditions of the foot that require a surgical solution. If you’re going to take the time and energy to fix a foot problem, you may as well give the foot a nicer appearance while alleviating the pain.

Bunions are the most common example of operative foot conditions. They appear as large bumps off to the side of the foot, creating a large and unsightly boney extrusion out to the side. Bunions can be extremely painful and create hazards when trying to place the feet into a pair of shoes.

While it is true that certain types of shoes contribute to the formation of bunions, they are actually cause by the big toe’s inability to flex during walking. Thus, even if a person remains barefoot most of their life but walks without the ability to bend the big toe, a bunion is likely to form.

When a bunion forms it creates a mass beside the joint from the constant forced walking pressure. The foot is then pushed to walk toward the outside of the foot and around the offending toe, creating additional stiffness.

A shortened long bone of the foot results in a toe that appears to lie on top of the surrounding toes in a very discomforting angle. While this is an embarrassing condition of the foot, it usually only causes pain in form fitting shoes. This condition is called Brachymetatarsia. It is one of the most commonly surgically correctable conditions of the foot.

Hammertoes and foot and heel pain are the top surgically correctable foot conditions. Foot and heel pain can eventually become debilitating if it is not corrected. There are various causes for this pain, and there are solutions available that are less invasive than surgery and should be attempted prior to any surgical procedure.

Almost 100% of cosmetic foot surgeries have been cases of foot conditions that cause pain or disfigurement. However it has become more popular over the last five to ten years to correct aesthetic issues that do not cause pain. Though cosmetic surgery of the foot was originally used to hide scars and correct disfigurements, it is now becoming a surgical procedure to simply beautify the foot.

Deciding if Cosmetic Foot Surgery is Right for You

Just like any other surgical procedure, even cosmetic surgeries, there are risks and considerations to be taken into account prior to deciding whether to have the procedure done. There are the typical anesthesia risks as well as risks that the procedure might not turn out exactly as well as one had hoped.

There will of course be a period of recovery. Just like any other procedure there will be a certain amount of post operative pain. Unlike having a cosmetic procedure performed on the face or even the abdomen, cosmetic surgery of the feet will temporarily interfere with the ability to walk.

A competent cosmetic podiatrist can guide you on exactly how the procedure can inhibit walking and for how long. Most people heal rather quickly, although it must be considered that often the procedure will include the breaking of bones in order to reform the foot’s appearance.

For some individuals the condition of the foot is a higher priority. Those in professions that all over beauty is essential, cosmetic foot surgery is an option to enhance the overall appearance, however it is not an effective method for reducing the size of the foot. The size of the foot is a naturally balanced biological factor that should not be changed. Altering the size of the foot can be devastating to the health of not only the feet, but the ankles, knees, and back. A surgeon that is willing to alter the size of the foot is in dangerous territory and several opinions should be consulted prior to even considering this option.

Many people do not consider the option of cosmetic foot surgery until after they have opted for other less invasive procedures. Orthotics and prefabricated arch supports are an effective attempt but don’t typically offer a real solution to the problem. There is a plethora of so called “magic" devices on the market that claim to take away all the foot pain a person experiences in a day. These are often nothing more than gimmicks and shouldn’t be given the slightest consideration of paying upwards of two hundred dollars for a device that you can actually purchase at the local drug store for ten dollars.

These less invasive procedures do not even approach an attempt at creating a nicer looking foot. Often even is a surgical procedure is just one of many options to relieve pain, people will opt for the surgical procedure to alleviate aesthetic discomfort. Most podiatrists do not do cosmetic foot procedures while they are performing pain relieving surgeries. If there is a foot problem that requires surgery and you want the aesthetic problem taken care of simultaneously, you have to see a specialist that can handle both the medical and the aesthetic problem.

In fact, most podiatrists do not even give consideration to the scarring effects of surgery. They simple operate to relieve pain. In some cases, depending on the actual problem, this approach can lead to a foot that is less attractive than it was originally.

Finding a Cosmetic Podiatrist

If you have aptly decided that foot surgery is a good form of pain relief for you and you want someone who can make the foot more pleasing to the eye, the next step is to find a surgeon qualified to perform the procedure. This can be more difficult than one may expect. Cosmetic podiatrists are not commonly available as they are not in high demand like other cosmetic surgeons. It is not recommended to go to a regular cosmetic surgeon as they are unlikely to be able to readily solve any pain problems that are accompanying the foot.

When asking a cosmetic podiatrist for his basic standard practices, be sure to find out how extensive his experience is. As much as a nice looking foot may please you, permanent pain can result from a poor surgical procedure. Cosmetic podiatrists must be able to address both problems, and thus they are highly specialized doctors.

Be wary of any cosmetic podiatrist that is too quick to perform surgery. While you are interested in fixing your foot pain and making the foot appear much nicer, any surgeon who is willing to leap without looking is asking for trouble. Be sure they require you to undergo a fairly extensive evaluation prior to scheduling you for surgery. That evaluation should include a physical examination.

Once you have found a cosmetic podiatrist to perform the procedure, continue asking questions and preparing for the likelihood of a long recovery. Make arrangements for transportation after your surgery and the following weeks. Remember that while this is a cosmetic procedure it is also a medical procedure and you will likely need to go through a round of physical therapy in order to recover completely.

Cosmetic surgery of the foot is not to be entered into lightly. Do your own research and understand the procedure in its entirety before committing to the surgery. Rushing into the surgery may produce results that you are unhappy with. Pay attention to your pain levels. The pain should slowly subside after having cosmetic surgery of the foot. If your pain level stays the same or increases, call the doctor immediately.

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