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Most healthcare organizations will agree-the responsibility for ordering medical supplies has grown more complex and time-intensive than ever before. Doctors and professionals that bill insurance, HMO’s or Medicare & Medicaid know how the payment cycle of the industry works. Basically, hurry up and wait, is the call of the day. It is not uncommon for a medical professional to send a bill to an insurance company and has to wait 30, 90 or even 120 days before they get paid. In the meantime, the office needs to pay employees and suppliers.

When you hear the term “office supplies, " you usually think of products such as pens, paper, paperclips, and staples. Everyone always forgets that the office & cleaning supplies used in offices are also considered part of the Medical supply category. The cleaning supplies used in the office can include dusters, vacuum cleaners, rags, and cleaning solvents for desks and computer monitors. These products are a necessary part of a business. Even with their high level of importance, these products are usually under appreciated, as well as often forgotten.

The reason these products are generally forgotten is because cleaning is usually seen as a lower form of work. People who work in an office are generally all highly educated and have a certain status symbol. People who work in the cleaning industry are usually seen as simple laborers who do not have a high level of education. When people think of office workers, they usually think of the person wearing a suit working in cubicle using the computer. People generally will not even think about those who come in and keep the office clean.

For starters, there is the furniture we use for our work. There are more kinds of furniture for work purposes than we probably need. But then again, maybe we do. Take your standard desk. Well, maybe not so standard. There are many kinds of desks. Desks with drawers, desks without drawers, which are primarily made simply to keep stuff on. What kind of stuff? All kinds. Printers, computers, fax machines, telephones, and the list go on and on.

Of course desks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are rectangular desks, square desks; oval or circular desks which are used mostly for those company meetings. There are big desks that can span half a room and small desks that can fit in the corner. Then of course your have your L shaped desks so that you and a co worker can work together without getting in each other's way. The variety of medical office supplies available is endless. A proper fit for every customer is available.

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Controlling Your Office Supplies Spend
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