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Obesity in adults is on the rise and is a major problem causing a significant rise in disease and death worldwide.

We all know that to help combat obesity people need to restrict their appetite long term and there is a natural healthy, natural compound that can help and you may be surprised at what it is!

It's organic nicotine (removed from cigarettes) and medical research is on going to produce pure nicotine supplements that can help with obesity control and the first product is already on the market.

Let’s look at the facts on how nicotine restricts appetite and why it is healthy in organic form when removed from cigarettes.

Fact – Nicotine Suppresses Appetite

It is a medically proven, that nicotine has an influence on the signals in the brain that can trigger hunger pangs. For example, a significant number of smokers when they stop smoking over eat and put on weight. A recent study concluded that between 1978 and 1990, stopping smoking was responsible for about a quarter of the increase in the number of overweight in men and about one-sixth of the increase in women.

This is highly significant, consider this:

If we know that nicotine restricts appetite in smokers and when they stop they over eat, if non smokers can take safe organic nicotine as a supplement, then they can restrict appetite and combat obesity.

Is it safe to take nicotine in organic form?

Yes it is. While nicotine is responsible for the addictive nature of smoking it does not cause disease or death.

On the contrary, it’s actually good for you and is part of the natural food chain.

Nicotine is found as a trace element in many common foods such tomatoes, chili’s potatoes and even some teas.

Nicotine is not only safe its good for you!

Not only is it not a cause of disease or a killer, restrict appetite but is also known to improve mood, concentration and attention.

It is therefore not only the subject of intense medical research to restrict appetite but to cure a number of conditions including:

Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, depression, attention disorders and many others.


Medical research continues and companies are looking at delivering organic nicotine supplements and the first is already on the market.

Its simply Nicotine in water with no added chemicals.

Not only does nicotine restrict appetite, but combining it with water is an ideal delivery method for people with obesity.

We all know that many “hunger pangs” are actually “thirst pangs” and many people by drinking more water can cut down “hunger pangs” so, water combined with nicotine is actually an ideal delivery method for people who suffer from obesity.

Nicotine supplements will become more popular in the coming years as people see it in its organic form outside of smoking as a safe and effective method to combat obesity and a number of diseases and conditions.

Nicotine is today overcoming its negative image and finally being seen in a positive light of its potential health benefits.


For more facts on nicotine and a new organic nicotine water with no added chemicals visit our website: http://www.smokefreechoice.com


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