Secret To Turning Off My Anxiety

Lorraine Roach

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Thank you to all those who commented on the post I wrote on the Fairy Tale and childrens stories phenomenon.

I suppose it is in the way we interpret what we read, that produces the outcome of our own thoughts.

It is true that some people will use whatever means they can to control others no matter their age, gender etc.

Sometimes I believe our own imagination can be a vivid tool to either help or disturb us.

I think that if we are in a susceptible state of mind when the stimulus is presented we can have a positive or negative reaction and therefore a memory of the specific event whether it is from a movie, book or even a verbal situation.

When I was a child I saw some photos of an adult nature.

These photos were not in a place for me to see, however I was curious and got into a box that was on a shelf in a closet and I ended up seeing these photos.

I put them back where I got them from and my parents never knew what I had seen.

Certain events can trigger the scene in my mind of what I saw.

Pretty powerful stuff when you think of a harmless piece of paper.

My theory is that your mind can work for you as well as against you. .

Harnessing the power is what we need to master.

This is the key to fighting anxiety and its related conditions.

Think about all the times it is recommended that we go and talk to a professional when we have difficulty dealing with an issue or health problem.

Is talking going to do any good?

It all depends on the individual.

Ultimately my healing began when I found out that I could retrain my thoughts and use positive phrases and programs to bump me out of the old way of thinking.

I wanted to get rid of the scarey tales in my mind and fill up on new, more productive, healthier input.

Just as the negative went in so can the positive.

Remember, there are two sides to all things.

There is no up without a down, no in without an out, no front without a back etc.

I hope this gives you another opinion to think about and that maybe you can find some good and helpful thoughts in what I have said.

Forever on the quest to end anxiety

"For 40 years, 7 months, 4 days and 3.9 hours I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks - especially after my heart attack on August 12th, 5:00am EST 2006. As a result of my suffering, I decided I would go on a crusade to reveal the most powerful, most effective and most successful system for living an Anxiety and Panic Free Life. " - Lorraine Roach, Founder Visit: to discover what 99.2% of ALL anxiety and panic sufferers do wrong, and how to make sure YOU avoid it.

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