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There is a multitude of prescription medicines available for treating acid reflux and the subsequent symptoms. Though no cure has yet been found, diet change, avoiding late night eating and using prescription medicines can minimize the number of episodes. All prescription drugs have to be prescribed to patients by a doctor after the doctor has made a diagnosis and knows what symptoms need to be treated. However, if the prescribed medicines do not help acid reflux symptoms, it is vital to seek further intervention by a doctor. Other causes or problems may be at work. In some cases, the symptoms may be because of GERD or an ulcer, and in certain cases may need corrective surgery. Once some medications have been tried, the doctor in charge will order a series of tests.

One such drug used to treat ulcers and acid reflux is called Rabeprazole. It comes in pill form and is taken daily for up to eight weeks. This will stop acid being regurgitated from the stomach. However, it does have side effects, as with all drugs. People can experience changes in sleep patterns, and the ability to work and other daily activities. Other side effects include stomachaches, headaches, lowered appetite and restlessness. In order to benefit from this drug it is essential to follow the daily prescription as designated by a doctor. Missing one dose does not mean that you should make it up later, just continue as directed. Taking an extra pill can result in very serious side effects.

Nexium is another useful acid reflux drug. It helps to treat ulcers and GERD, and similarly to Rabeprazole, must be taken exactly as prescribed, in a responsible fashion. Other helpful medications also include Protonix, Prilosec and Prevacid. These work by lowering the amount of stomach acid and thus reduce the occurrences of acid reflux. They should all be taken as directed by a doctor or according to the packages’ instructions. Combining any of these drugs at the same time can be a serious health risk and should be avoided.

In people who suffer more than two times per week with acid reflux, the prescription medications can make life more bearable. All of them have to be taken under the strict supervision of a doctor. If you think you may be suffering from acid reflux then you should not take any medicine unless your doctor has prescribed it to you. If you take medicines without your doctor's recommendation then they may not help as the symptoms you are suffering may not be an indicator of acid reflux, but symptoms of other underlying diseases or illnesses. Only a doctor is qualified to diagnose acid reflux disease.

If you are just suffering from heartburn then there are various over the counter drugs available. These can be tried a couple of times before getting advice from a doctor. They may settle the symptoms suffered from acid reflux somewhat, but they are no substitute for a healthy diet and proper exercise. Therefore, in order to better manage acid reflux occurrences, it is essential for a sufferer to combine life changes with doctor's recommended drugs. Most importantly, only revert to prescription medicines when the suffering is something you can no longer cope with and you are in need of urgent relief.

Jill Seimer offers tips for a healthy lifestyle at She recently discussed natural medicine for acid reflux with her views on natural cures for acid reflux.


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Tips for Relief of GERD and Acid Reflux while Sleeping
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