Clothes Or No Clothes Which Is It?


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It’s funny how this question always comes up when talking about massage.

Do I have to be naked?
How much clothing should I wear?
It will be embarrassing.

Or even some *** references, as massage is sometimes associated with the parlor industry.

In the end it is really up to the individual and how comfortable they feel. To get the most out of a massage and the power of touch you need skin on skin but light clothing will also be ok.

Try massaging yourself through clothes and you will see that the thicker the clothes the less effective the massage will be.

If you want to go to a masseur and you are hesitant about taking your clothes off try and find a masseur of the same sex, as this will most likely make you feel more comfortable. You need to be able to relax to gain the full benefits of a massage otherwise being tense may actually cause some pain and you will not enjoy the experience.

Once you have experienced the feel, benefits and lasting effects of a good massage the issue of clothes won’t be an issue. However, if the masseur does do anything which you are not comfortable with you must tell them to stop otherwise you should immediately stop the massage and report them to the authorities.

If you are still unsure about going to a masseur you should learn some self massaging techniques which will help alleviate pain and stiffness whilst you are sitting at your desk, calm your nerves before an important event, or even just boost your energy levels. Anyone can learn these techniques, as they are simple but very effective. Just visit my site and you will learn more.

Once you start to get the benefits of self-massage you’ll wonder why you did not learn this a long time ago.

So remember the amount of clothes you wear will determine the effectiveness of the massage and you have total control with this issue. The important point is this you must feel comfortable about it so that you can totally relax and enjoy the experience

Walter Pigatto is an expert on the skill of touch and can assist you in finding solutions to you and your family's relaxation/pain solutions. He can also show you how to develop the sensual side of your relationship and much more. To learn more visit Power Of Touch web site today!


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