What Are Dental Spas?


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After the recent high rise in popularity of medical spas, many dentists realized an opportunity for their patients to relax during their dental visit. Dental spas are dentists’ offices where people can get their dental work performed while receiving a massage or other relaxation technique.

Dentists like working at dental spas because they're safer. When patients are nervous, it's easier for them to make swift movements while the dentist has the drill in their mouth. This raises the possibility of a patient being hurt. Dental spas use relaxation techniques to calm patients before and during their procedure, lessening the chance that they'll be hurt during it.

Patients also prefer dental spas. Many claim that being massaged while at the dentist's office makes them look forward to their appointment where they'd normally dread it. It's hard to notice the drill in their mouth when they're watching a movie and getting a foot massage. It also lowers the tedious aspect of staring at a wall for the hours it takes to perform dental procedures.

Many dental spas offer relaxation techniques such as full body, head, neck, hand, foot, or eye massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, relaxing music, movies, vibrating chairs, facials, and professional make up applications. Along with these services, they offer fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions, and teeth whitening.

For years, dentists have been using nitrous oxide gas as a means of calming patients. However, laughing gas is often expensive, and many patients simply are not calmed by its use. Dental spas are generally less expensive than traditional spas because it improves their business when patients are relaxed during their visit and more likely to utilize their dental services in subsequent visits. Also, there's not risk of after-effects in massage as there is in the administration of nitrous oxide. Additionally, many patients who before had to be administered anesthesia in order to have their work performed incur less risk by visiting a dental spa.

Dental spas employ regular dentists and dental assistants as well as massage therapists. Many have a selection of films and services in the waiting room for patients to choose from before they see the dentist. They listen to the movie through headphones during their dental procedure. Finally, after their procedure is completed, they can receive a full body massage in another area of the office.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a dental spa is the level of comfort they provide to clients undergoing dental procedures that may be otherwise uncomfortable. Clients can relax while undergoing a root canal with a massage. Dental spas have recently grown in popularity, and, as a result, more and more dental spas have begun to operate worldwide.

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