eCounseling: What It Is and How You Can Use It


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While the Internet can be used for so many things, it hasn't been used as a tool for mental health counseling until fairly recently. Now, any person who feels the need to talk to someone, can, and they can do it from the comfort of their own home.

What Is eCounseling?

eCounseling is simply an online version of traditional counseling or therapy sessions by a therapist, psychologist, psychotherapist, counselor, social worker or other mental health practitioner. eCounseling takes the traditional method of therapy, where a face to face meeting occurred, usually in a practitioner's office and instead provides similar services via the Internet using email and live chat. While the patient is not able to see or speak vocally to the counselor, they are still able to communicate their thoughts in order to gain advice and help.

What Are The Advantages Of eCounseling?

eCounseling offers many advantages for many types of patients. Just some of the advantages of eCounseling include:

Availability - eCounseling is available anywhere the Internet is, and there are few places in the world where the Internet is not available. Also, eCounseling allows people in rural areas for whom it may not be feasible to drive to see a counselor to get the help they need without needing to travel. The easy availability also allows people who are unable to leave their home to receive counseling. When a problem arises, a patient can write to the counselor immediately if needed. eCounseling is available day or night.

Effectiveness - Without having to talk to someone face to face, eCounseling may prove to be more effective for some patients who suffer from social phobias. Many people may feel it is easier to open up and tell their true problems, fears and feelings to someone without having to look in another person's eyes or speak the words out loud. Patients who feel shame or fear of being judged by the counselor will also feel more at ease and able to open up and talk to a counselor who can't see them. Many patients who have used eCounseling report being able to get to the root of their problem much faster due to their ease in speaking from a comfortable location and without fear of being judged or having to feel ashamed of their problem.

Convenience - With email counseling, a patient can respond to the counselor at their convenience, without having to worry about appointments disrupting their normal daily lives. People with children, stay at home moms, business people and other people with very busy lives and very little time available for a traditional counseling appointment will find it much easier to accommodate daily email conversations than traditional face to face meetings at appointed times.

Privacy - Some people may feel embarrassed or ashamed of needing help or counseling and may not want to risk being seen going to a traditional therapist. eCounseling eliminates this problem by providing counseling from the privacy of your own home, no one needs to know you are seeing an eCounselor.

What Problems Can eCounseling Help You Deal With?

Much like traditional counseling, eCounseling can help with a wide variety of problems, including stress related problems, family problems, grief and loss, anger management, anxieties and phobias, abuse, divorce, job loss and most major life changes. eCounseling is not recommended, however, for problems that require intense help including patients exhibiting psychotic symptoms, patients that are suicidal or homicidal, patients with a psychiatric illness or patients addicted to drugs or alcohol.

In summary, eCounseling is excellent for many people just trying to deal with life's problems and can be of great help for many people around the world who are in need of life advice and guidance.

Lydia Quinn writes for Tranquil Counseling, a website that offers online counseling, or eCounseling, and provides discreet therapy via email & chat for your mental health needs. A sampling of their wide ranging services includes counseling for stress, relaxation, grief, anger management, anxiety, abuse, death and more. Visit us at:


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eCounseling: What It Is and How You Can Use It
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