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Many people suffer from acne at one point in their life and anyone who has suffered from it knows how uncomfortable the condition can be. Not only are there the physical effects from the acne, but then there are the emotional effects of living with the breakouts and the scarring afterwards.

However, there are many options for those who want to improve their acne condition. In the past many would need to go to their doctor to receive acne treatment. Now there are many more over the counter acne treatment options that people are choosing to use.

However, with so many over the counter acne treatment options it can be difficult to decide which the best treatment option for your condition is. Everywhere you go you hear advertisement for acne treatments that claim to work and there continues to be a growth of natural health products that are labeled as remedies for acne.

While natural products are often the route to go for acne treatment since they have less side effects, you still need to do your research. Always make sure you research the natural product you are considering using to make sure the ingredients will in fact work for your skin. Or make sure the product has been clinically tested and guaranteed to work for your acne condition.

The most popular method is traditional over the counter acne treatment. These typically contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. However, these will have a greater chance of side effect and irritation if you have sensitive skin. On the natural aspect the choices are often tea tree oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E.

It is very difficult to select just one over the counter acne treatment as the perfect product since every persons skin will react to treatments differently. However, the best products are often those that not only work from the outside by drying up the excess oil but also work from the inside by helping with improving the health of the body overall and killing the bacteria that causes acne.

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