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Sufferers of hair loss may probably be alarmed when they notice any hair fall when for example when they take a shower. This should not be a cause for alarm as it is normal and is not the real case of hair loss. If there is any hair falling while taking a shower or combing, or brushing the hair this should not lead to any alarm bells going off as this is normal.

You see hair grows and falls off in cycles. This means that at any time you have hair on your scalp that have stopped growing and will naturally fall off. This hair will be replaced by new hair growing and taking its place. The real hair loss comes when there is no or very slow hair regrowth to take its place. This is the real hair loss or what leads to it.

The causes of hair loss can be attributed to many factors some of which can be hormonal, surgery, side effects, and even pregnancy.

Whenever hair loss occurs it is usually the result of hormonal imbalances as a result of an under active or overactive thyroid glands. Hair loss in this case can usually be corrected by treating the root cause. It serves little purpose treating hair loss when the culprit in this case is thyroid disease which causes the hormones known as androgens in males and estrogens in females to be out of balance.

After major surgery individuals may notice some hair loss. It may seem alarming at first but it is only temporary and will dissipate after recovery when an individual has returned to health. This condition may also occur after an extensive illness but the same condition applies as well and hair growth will return with recovery.

Sometimes medication taken for certain conditions can lead to hair loss as a side effect. Medications taken for depression, birth control, during chemotherapy and even excessive use of vitamin A can cause hair loss. Hair usually regrows once these medications cease being taken.

Surprising as it seems pregnancy can lead to hair loss in many women. This can happen during the pregnancy period itself and even after pregnancy. This should not be a reason for worry as this is linked to the body upping the level of hormones in the body causing an imbalance and interrupting the normal hair growth and hair fall cycle. After pregnancy when the hormone levels have returned to normal and the normal growth cycle begins this hair loss will usually stop and hair growth cycle will return to normal.

Treating hair loss without understanding the real cause of hair loss facing an individual might lead to the belief that the hair loss is irreversible or lead to the wrong hair loss treatment and frustration. To avoid this it is advisable to find the root cause of the hair loss and treat it after this diagnosis. This produces the best and fastest results.

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Understanding Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Formulas
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