Best Acne Cure – Is There One Out There?

Nick Matthews

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How many times have you wondered about the “Best Acne Cure”? I know I’ve often wondered if such a cure exists. After trying countless products over the years with little improvement my hopes of an acne cure had all but faded away into oblivion. I was destined to live with bad skin while others were destined to have beautiful, clear skin. The emotional scarring from acne had become much worse than the external damage to my face. I really didn’t want to be seen in public, have my picture taken and knew I would live alone for the rest of my life. After all, who would want to be with a crater-face?

I’ve read anything and everything related to acne in search of a cure for this dreaded problem. The scientific terminology simply states that acne is caused by an overproduction of skin oil called sebum. Surely there was something out there that could regulate this out of control condition within my body. I’ve tried all types of products with varying results. Some dried my skin up and set me up for even further problems. Now I have what some call combination-skin. Parts of it are dry and flaky, while others are just as oily as ever. Even the dry parts were still getting zits.

I had read that diet may play a big part in acne control. I’ve tried several diets over the years and must say that I did notice an improvement, but still no cure. Actually, I remember a friend of mine in high school years ago who was severely plagued with acne, and even back then his doctors had him on a restricted diet to help control his acne. So, it appears that experts have known that diet has some effect on acne, but perhaps they’re unwilling to let the whole secret out. Am I talking about an acne conspiracy theory? What if a totally natural cure existed that could put major acne drug manufacturers out of business? What if someone was giving people the best acne cure today?

Learn the secrets that major drug companies don't want you to know. Dicsover what many people have found to be the Best Acne Cure! Nick Matthews is the publisher of


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