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Since time immemorial, many a battle has been known to be fought in order to conquer a thing of beauty – be it countries or women (or even wealth, which was also a way to get to all the beautiful things that money can buy). Perhaps people endure procedures like tummy tuck, recovery to follow suit only with this end in mind. The innate desire within each and every individual to look attractive and well turned out at all times probably is the biggest motivator for undergoing surgeries of this sort.

In olden times there was no short cut to good looks – it meant that you had to be naturally endowed with a sculpted body and a beautiful face thanks to heredity. However in recent times, most of these concepts have undergone drastic change. With the advancement of medical science, it is possible to correct imperfections in looks at the hands of a talented doctor who must also be an artist at heart, for he needs to have the ability to visualize the changes that will look best on the face or body that he is about to transform and have the expertise to carry out his vision so as to turn it into reality. Their patients’ unflinching trust in them gives them to brave the side effects of tummy tuck recovery.

Among the bandwagon of cosmetic surgeries like breast enhancement or augmentation, face lifts, body sculpting, liposuction and the likes, tummy tuck is probably one of the widely used procedures. The medical term for tummy tuck is Abdominoplasty which is a cosmetic surgery procedure to reshape and firm up the abdomen. This involves the removal of excess fat as well as skin from the lower and middle abdomen or else in order to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. The surgery can either be ‘complete’ which may take between two and five hours to complete or else ‘partial’ which gets completed within 2 hours usually. Each case is unique and deviations from the basic procedure are commonplace. The basic procedure however remains the same, which begins with an incision being made around the area where the skin and muscles require tightening. The navel is freed from this area if necessary, to be sewn back later. After making the necessary tautening adjustments, the skin flap is reattached after which the stitches are dressed. As the procedure appears, tummy tuck recovery is not a simple affair, particularly because what we are dealing with here is a major surgery.

Proper care of the stitches is necessary to avoid an infection, as is the case with any other invasive procedure. Being on the abdomen, tummy tuck recovery can be particularly traumatic since each and every movement affects this part of the body – to the extent that it might even become difficult to walk upright. However, doctors advise that is best to get into the act of gentle movement so as to get acclimatized to the sutures and speed up healing. Tummy tuck recovery requires the expert guidance of the surgeon and utmost care and rest for best results.

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Tummy Tuck Surgery: Healing and Recovery Information
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