Choosing a Method of Hair Removal


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Choosing a method of hair removal can be difficult. Often, the method you choose depends on both the area in which you wish hair to be removed and whether you want the removal to be permanent or temporary. This article discusses and compares the different methods of hair removal in order to help you choose which is right for you:


Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal with results generally lasting a few weeks. Waxing consists of applying hot wax to the area in which hair is to be removed, covering the wax with a strip of cloth, and then quickly removing the application and hair. While waxing is the safest form of hair removal, it is temporary, and it can be fairly painful.


While threading is not currently a common procedure in the western half of the world, it is commonly used in the east for facial hair removal. Threading is a temporary hair removal technique with results lasting approximately as long as tweezing or waxing. Threading technicians wrap a string around several unwanted hairs and then lift the string quickly, removing the hairs at the root. Threading is commonly used to remove unwanted eyebrow hairs, and it is said to be lass painful than tweezing.


Electrolysis, when performed correctly, is a permanent method of hair removal. However, in order to the procedure to be performed correctly, the electrolysis technician must have had many years of practice. Electrolysis consists of inserting each unwanted hair into a hair-thin metal probe. After the hair is inserted, electricity is delivered through the probe to the hair follicle. This damages the area that generates hairs, causing it to become unable to develop new hair follicles. Electrolysis can be worthwhile in that it is permanent. However, it can be expensive, painful, tedious, and difficult to perform on areas with large amounts of hair. Additionally, if performed incorrectly, it can result in partial or full hair re-growth, skin damage, or infection.


Because laser hair removal is a fairly new procedure, it has not yet been proven to be a permanent form of hair removal. However, many claim that laser hair removal is permanent, and it is obviously longer-lasting than waxing. Laser hair removal consists of a technician directing a hand piece at the targeted area. This hand piece delivers a certain wavelength of light that damages hair follicles. However, it is designed not to damage other surrounding tissues. Laser hair removal can be long lasting and safe if performed correctly, and it is very effective in removing hair from large areas. However, because of the infancy of the procedure, the long-term results and potential side-effects have not yet been determined.

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