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No matter how complex can the explanation of astigmatism be, even if discussed in layman's terms, the cure for such remains relatively simple, and it's called Toric contact lens.

Astigmatism is a common affliction, and has the widest range. Some sufferers will have no trouble focusing on nearby fine details but won’t notice the loss of depth at farther instances. It even goes so far; as far as when normal individuals would be surprised upon finding that the fitted glasses are clearer than their ‘normal’ vision. These individuals are sufferers of astigmatism, albeit low key.

Astigmatism is a refractive eye error, a condition whereupon the eye cannot identify the correct degree of refraction along different meridians. Sufferers of Heightened astigmatism will have trouble focusing on finer details and can curtail accommodation eye powers, while also experiencing eye fatigue, headache and Asthenopia.

Toric contact lens accommodate this eye disorder by presenting a correcting curvature before the eye. A means is made to ensure that, like the bipolar contact lens, it stays in place even when the eye blinks. Because fitting a patient with toric contact lenses involves a lengthy procedure in testing the eye condition (through a specialized one eye slide machine), acquiring toric contact lenses is way more expensive than most corrective contact lens. And these toric contact lenses, apart from the eventual doctor’s fee and the consultation process, are made more costly with specialized manufacture of the lens.

Toric contact lenses could be either soft contact lenses or rigid gas permeable (RGP). Soft contact lenses are a comfortable wear though for conditions like astigmatism, it is best to wear the rigid gas permeable type of contact lenses. RGP types of lens also compel the cornea to conform to the shape presented by the contact lens, therefore there is more probability of success than with the softer ones. However, rigid gas permeable lenses are known to be very uncomfortable, requiring a period of time for getting accustomed before the lens can be enjoyed.

While toric contact lenses, due to their complexity in fitting and relatively harder to obtain (as specifications are often singular), are mostly non disposable, long term use, some well known brands have designed toric contact lenses that are intended for everyday disposable use. There are even colored varieties offered over the internet. The only down fact is that they cost variably higher.

In a nutshell, toric contact lenses are prescription lenses for sufferers of astigmatism. While online contact lens retailer can provide contact lens regardless of your location, you still have to provide specifications of the lens which can only be prescribed by an eye specialist.

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