Alzheimer's - The Forgetful Disease

Jonathan G. Michel

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Seeing my uncle stricken with Alzheimer's at the age of 70, was a wake-up call, being just shy of 70 by 11 years. It led me to research the topic a little deeper to see how and if I could avoid it. So I spent hours researching myths versus reality, only to realize that it is, and is not, genetics.

It is not because someone in your family has or had Alzheimer's, that your going to get it. Genetics does play a role in Alzheimer's, but genetics plays a role in every disease. Here is where the confusion lies. People accept the typical statement ‘it's in my genes’ as to mean they inherited the disease (heredity). This is simply not true.

Genetics has to do with a lot of things, but if you pay close attention, the science of genetics which grew out of the union of biochemistry and genetics is widely known as molecular biology. The term “genetics" is often widely confused with the notion of genetic engineering, where the DNA of an organism is modified for some kind of practical end, but most research in genetics is aimed at understanding and explaining the effect of genes on phenotypes and in the role of genes in populations. Genetics have been studied since 1859, and they still don't fully understand it.

The reality of genetics in association with ‘Alzheimer's disease', is that it only represents about 10% of cases ever deriving from genes. Also, it is looked on as an old person's disease. Yes, you are more susceptible to Alzheimer's as you get much older, but it doesn't mean you will get addition, people in their 40s and 50s have been known to be affected.

There's an old myth, that the moment you have episodes of forgetting things, you're on your way to having Alzheimer's. People even joke about it. That's how strong the belief is. The reality is, that many people have problems with memory but this does not necessarily mean Alzheimer's. Of course, when your day-to-day functions, your judgement, your reasoning is affected, you should at the very least visit a doctor or request a brain scan.

One thing you should know is that a lot of research is showing that Alzheimer's may develop from a combination of risk factors which unclude your lifestyle, diet, environmental etc. Remember that the body is made up of molecules, proteins etc. . . of which simply makes common sense. If for years you have been abusing your body with all sorts of toxins, then doesn't it make sense that in time all these toxins will affect your health profoundly. This is what doctors with no financial motives, are trying to warn the public about.

So can one avoid it and prevent it? Absolutely. There is a growing amount of evidence, that lifestyle choices that keep mind and body fit may help reduce the risk. These choices include physical exercise, a healthy diet including fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, as well as keeping your brain active. It is that simple. I didn't make this up, this is doctors telling you.

When are people ever going to listen? You have the doctors doing the research to find a chemical cure, for the multinationals in the pursuit of more money, and you have the doctors telling you to go back to nature, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. And if you can't do that because of whatever reason, vitamins, supplements, immune system boosters, to kill the toxic foods we eat every day. But yet most choose to ignore. They choose more toxic chemicals, in the form of pills, to help them with their memory loss. How sad. Why?

Alzheimer's is progressive, degenerative, and destroys your vital brain cells! Alarming statistics reveal that one in every 13 people in North America, over the age of 65, suffers from Alzheimer's. Don't let it be you!

Jon G. Michel is publisher of and a strong advocate af alternative medicine for a better health. Remember to take your Omega 3-s daily , in combination with a powerful immune system booster , and watch your health make make a complete turn around naturally!


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The Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease
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