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Dry cracked lips are never pleasant to have. You can hardly smile and putting up with the pain, you most probably can’t wait for it to go away fast!

Chapped lips happens because our lips lacked the oil glands to manufacture melanin, unlike other parts of our skin. Thus, our lips becomes vulnerable to chapping when under constant exposure to intense sun rays or freezing cold weather.

The truth is you do not really have to suffer with this irritating lip problem. Just try out these soothing tips and you can be sure your lips will be softer and smoother in no time.

Chapped Lip Recipe

Add a dash of hydrocortisone cream and carmex to a mixture and blend them together. Especially good for severely chapped lips, it is a super self remedy for severe cases of chapped lips.

Try a Lip Balm

A good lip balm can help to keep our lips smooth and chap-free. There are many types of lips balms for you to choose from but by and large, it depends on when and under which conditions you want to use them. For example a plan vanilla lip balm will suffices for indoor usage whereas a balm with added sunscreen or sun block is more useful for those who frequently engage in outdoor activities like sailing and swimming.

Moisturizing Lipstick

A good lipstick can not only makes your lips look more luscious but also provides much needed moisturizing properties to the skin at that area. For added protection, we recommend you choose a moisturizing lipstick that help to retain the moisture within in. Another tip, go for the glossy instead of the matte type of lipsticks.

Limit Lip Licking habits

Skin experts always advise against lip licking as it may cause what they call self-induced lip chapping. By licking your lips more than usual, you are exposing your lips to unnecessary evaporation to the drying wind. Hence, if you want to kick away this habit, you should find a balm with a flavor that you dislike. You will definitely find yourself not licking your chapped lips after that.

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Collagen for Your Lips
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