Nutritional Benefits of Choline Chloride


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To take large amounts of choline, it is easier to drink Choline Chloride. Choline is necessary for brain function, for the synthesis of neurotransmitters and to build and maintain brain cell membrane (acetylcholine). Acetylcholine is important for sleep, for memory, and for thinking. It also works in movement control. Choline chloride is found in concentrations in the tissues of the nervous system.

Choline decreases with age as signified by memory loss, reduced learning ability, and reduced learning ability. There is also reduced general cognitive functioning. It works in the process of methylation.

Benefits of Choline Chlloride

Choline may be helpful in reducing sleep problems. The stimulation barrier of the brain is increased. It helps the brain to filter out minor noises. The ability to problem solve and concentrate may also improve with choline.

Here’s one for alll coffee drinkers! Coffee may actually raise the level of acetylcholine.

Choline also helps maintain moist mucous membranes, especially in post-menopausal women. It works best if it is taken with folic acid. The greater amount of folic acid reduces choline and the lesser amount of choline that is used for methylation, allows choline to be used by the nervous system.

Choline works with Inositol to emulsify fats, meaning keeping fats in liquid form. If fats are emulsified then it is less likely they will be deposited on the walls of the arteries, or in the gall bladder. Phosphatidyl choline transports fats to cells for energy. It also helps to transports fats so they can either be used by the body, or excreted.

Another concern is fetal development. Choline choloride taking during pregnancy may increase the life-long ability of the infant to learn, pay attention and have greater memory. Could choline work for ADHD children?

A choline deficient diet may result in increased rates of cancer such as liver carcenoma. Choline maybe helpful in treating the following conditions - liver disease, high cholesterol, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and asthma - it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Those who do strenuous exercise may drastically reduce their levels of choline. The probable reason for this is the need for choline to metabolize fat. This need increases during exercise.

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