The Early Signs of Diabetes and Your Health


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Diabetes is everywhere. Everyday more and more people in the United States are being diagnosed with Diabetes because of numerous reasons affecting their health. Learning about the early symptoms of diabetes can help one fight the long term effects of this disease. But first, what exactly is diabetes? Diabetes, in blatent terms, is a disease in which the body does by malfunction, does not produce or use insulin. For those who do not already know, insulin is a hormone within the body that helps the body convert sugars and other substances in to energy. It helps break down such nutrients to balance the bodies energy consumption and distribution.

It is estimated that there are somewhat over twenty million individuals in the United States alone that has diabetes. Although so many individuals suffer from this disease, early indication can significantly play a role in proper treatment. There are basically three different types of diabetes, type 1, type 2 and gestational diabeties in which only effects pregnant women. To help understand the diabeties symptoms better we have listed some general early signs of diabetes which may indicate a need for a doctor visit to get tested.

1. Irritability - Now, we are all a little irritable at times, but constant irritability may be an early sign of problems to come.

2. Frequent Urination - Commonly, frequent urination can be a cause for concern and is a very visable sign of early diabetes.

3. Fatigue - Simply put, diabetes affects the individuals ability to process energy, hence fatigue is an early symptom.

4. Excessive thirst - constant dry mouth and being overly thirsty in accordance with the other symptoms above may indicate a need to get checked out by a doctor.

There are plenty more diabeties symptoms however these are some of the most common. Having one of these symptoms does not mean you have diabetes, they are just some common indicators that everyone at some time in their life will have. Also, you may want to find out if someone in your family has diabetes as well. Many of those who have been diagnosed with diabetis were found to have it within their genetic heritage from another family member.

Learning how to live with diabetes can be difficult however certain upgrades in technology and science have made it easier for those who are diagnosed to live more comfortably. Also it is important to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The importance of a good diabeties diet is second to none. Ask a physician whether they can refer a book to you that properly explains a healthy diabetic diet. Early detection and properly being diagnosed can make your situation much easier and as technology progresses one can have confidence in providing better treatments of such a disease.

For more Diabeties Symptoms and treatment information visit to find more help on how Diabetis can affect you.


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The Early Symptoms of Diabetes
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