Many Symptoms Alleviated With Hydrotherapy


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Hydrotherapy is the treatment of ailments with water. It is a generally accepted theory that adequate water intake does help take care of a lot of problems. Apart from drinking water, water used as a cold compress, ice packs, hot water bottles, steaming, etc are some of the other ways in which water is used in treating common problems.

Headaches are really a headache for most people. They have found that a cold compress placed on the forehead and neck gives a lot of relief. There are others who feel that hot compresses or heating pads are better. These hot or cold compresses work very well with breast soreness in pregnancy, benign discomfort and menstruation or menstrual cramps, endometriosis etc. A cool compress and cool bath have often given relief to people who have a problem of hives.

Ice packs have been found to be beneficial for problems like arthritis where pain is a result of excessive activity and a hot pad can be used for swollen tender joint pains. An alternate treatment of hot and cold helps bursitis. The carpal tunnel syndrome which indicates that there has been a constant repetitive movement of the hands and wrists responds well to ice packs also. Insect stings are another condition where ice packs work well although some people may like a hot pack better. Muscle aches, pains and swelling call for the ice pack and here it is known to really work wonders with pain and swelling. Sunburn, bumps, bruises, sprains and other minor burns also respond to a treatment of ice water or ice packs.

Heating pads or hot water bottles work well for abdominal cramps as well as for an irritable bowel syndrome. A warm sitting bath helps reduce pain in the condition of hemorrhoids, acts as a soothing sleeping pill for those with insomnia, relieves stress by relaxing the body and steaming is very good for colds, sore throat and laryngitis.

The benefits of hydrotherapy are many but there are some precautions that one needs to take so that there are no injuries to the skin or other tissues of the body. Those who use hot tubs or whirlpools in public places must be aware that if these are not properly cleaned there is a chance of them getting some sort of infection. Like very hot water, even ice can cause burns to the skin so while ensuring that the water is not too hot also make sure that ice is not applied directly to the skin. Very cold water can cause circulatory problems in people. Perforation of the colon occurs if colonic irrigation is not carried out properly and if the equipment is not sterilized properly. Then the results can range from minor to very serious.

Ensure that you know all the details of any internal hydrotherapy that you may be undertaking regarding the temperature of the water, the pressure used and the quantity. People make all sorts of claims about the benefits of this type of therapy but it is essential that you satisfy yourself regarding the genuineness of these claims before going for it.

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Colonics Also Known As Colon Hydrotherapy
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